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Monday, October 18, 2010

The Future of The Review

I'm sorry that I haven't been blogging lately. I was trying to both blog and work my regular job full-time at the same time, and I got tired of working 60-80 hrs a wk. So, I had to prioritize, and I had to choose my regular job because, quite frankly, they're paying me. If I could find someone or some way to be paid for writing, I'd do it in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, I must drop the job that I love and keep the job that I abhor.

My schedule has changed to W-Sat 13 hrs p/day. So, writing on those days will be near impossible. Sunday is, also, hard because I'm so tired from working 40 in 3 days. Plus, there's church and football. I might be able to do one or two on that day, but for the most part Sunday is out. Monday, Tuesdays, and a little on Wednesday morning will be the best days for me to write.

The way that I'm going to do this, for now, is this: I'm going to keep up with the news and flag stories that I'll write about and hold onto it until I can write it properly, probably on Monday or Tuesday. Unfortunately, this means that the stories that I'll have on here may be a few days old, but this is the only way that I can do it and not wear myself out. I'll do my best to stay current, but I have to be able to do the job that pays the bills. I love writing, but not enough that I'll become homeless so that I can do it full-time.

I hope that ya'll keep reading, and hopefully, circumstances will be that I can do both better, or I can write full-time. Until then, I'll do the best to find a balance that'll allow me to do both at a level that won't drain me of all of my energy and sanity.