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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Former Governor Spitzer (D-NY) Compares Himself to Sanford: At Least I Didn't Love Any Women I Cheated With

Disgraced ex-Governor Eliot Spitzer (D-NY) has reared his ugly head in order to respond to fellow disgraced Governor Sanford's (R-SC) scandal:

THERE'S a huge difference between what South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford did, and what ex-New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer did. "I didn't fall in love with any of them," Spitzer was overheard telling LMDC executive director Avi Schick the other day at Solo in the Sony Building on Madi son, where they had the $24 prix-fixe lunch. And Spitzer didn't use any taxpayer money on his trysts, while Sanford is reimbursing the state about $12,000 for travel expenses to Buenos Aires. Schick had Vietnamese beef spring rolls and a grilled chicken salad.

Spitzer's pitiful rationalization in this statement is astonishing. Does that fact that Spitzer never loved any of women that he paid to have sex with make it better than Sanford morally? No, of course not.

While it is true that Sanford broke the law by using taxpayer money for his affairs and Spitzer didn't, it is also true that Spitzer isn't totally crime-free. He broke the law by paying numerous women for sex. He should stop being so sanctimonious. There is difference between the two serial adulterers.

Canada: Private Health Care Is Making a Comeback As People Flee Canadians' "Public Option"

President Obama and Democrats are inching towards a single-payer healthcare system much like the one in Canada. However, many of the Canadians currently under the system seem to be looking for a way out:

Private for-profit clinics are a booming business in Canada -- a country often touted as a successful example of a universal health system.

Facing long waits and substandard care, private clinics are proving that Canadians are willing to pay for treatment.

"Any wait time was an enormous frustration for me and also pain. I just couldn't live my life the way I wanted to," says Canadian patient Christine Crossman, who was told she could wait up to a year for an MRI after injuring her hip during an exercise class. Warned she would have to wait for the scan, and then wait even longer for surgery, Crossman opted for a private clinic.

Long lines and wait times have long since been a failing of the Canadian system. Any wait time for medical treatment would be an enourmous frustration for anyone sick, dying, and in great pain. That is exactly what would happen if such a system was put in place in this country.

Birmingham: Planned Parenthood Gets Caught Covering Up Alleged Sexual Abuse of Minors

In a sting operation, the Mona Lisa Project has caught more Planned Parenthood workers covering up a case of statutory rape. This time the sting took place in a Birmingham location. This is the sixth time that Mona Lisa has taped them supposedly violating the law and aiding and abetting child rapists.

When will people see this as a culture of corruption within the Planned Parenthood organization? The federal and private funding of this crooked organization needs to stop now.

Monday, June 29, 2009

GE Receives Payback For MSNBC's Glowing Coverage of Obama

Jeffery Immelt has transformed NBC networks, especially MSNBC, into a bastion for liberal superpartisans. Now thanks to a loophole, General Electric is getting "rescued" by a program designed to help the banks:

General Electric, the world's largest industrial company, has quietly become the biggest beneficiary of one of the government's key rescue programs for banks.

At the same time, GE has avoided many of the restrictions facing other financial giants getting help from the government.

The company did not initially qualify for the program, under which the government sought to unfreeze credit markets by guaranteeing debt sold by banking firms. But regulators soon loosened the eligibility requirements, in part because of behind-the-scenes appeals from GE.

As a result, GE has joined major banks collectively saving billions of dollars by raising money for their operations at lower interest rates. Public records show that GE Capital, the company's massive financing arm, has issued nearly a quarter of the $340 billion in debt backed by the program, which is known as the Temporary Liquidity Guarantee Program, or TLGP. The government's actions have been "powerful and helpful" to the company, GE chief executive Jeffrey Immelt acknowledged in December.

Not a bad return on their investment after sacrificing their ratings and occupational integrity showering The One with praise and tingles up their hosts' legs.

Supreme Court Reverses Sotomayor's Decision in New Haven Firefighter Discrimination Case

Sonia Sotomayor has had a setback while waiting for her confirmation hearing:

The Supreme Court has ruled that white firefighters in New Haven, Conn., were unfairly denied promotions because of their race, reversing a decision that high court nominee Sonia Sotomayor endorsed as an appeals court judge.

The verdict was the right one, and I am pleased that the Supreme Court upheld justice in this case. Discrimination and racial preferences is wrong no matter who you are.

This will be a blemish on her record. However, I do not believe that it will mean the end to her chances of becoming a Supreme Court justice.

It could just a bump in the road on the road to confirmation. However, it could be a one of many strikes against her that could lead to her being out of the Supreme Court. Time will tell which.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Government Waste Watch: Massachusetts-Homeless Put in Hotels Indefinitely to Keep Off Streets

While this is a worthy cause, this is still a massive amount of government waste:

A record number of families are being put up in motels in Massachusetts. High unemployment and the rising number of home foreclosures is the reason the state is taking this action.

Housing Massachusetts’ homeless is costing tax payers around $2 million per month. It costs an average of $85 per night to have families, including nearly 1000 children, stay in motels.

A daily rate of $85 per night is outrageous. Their monthly rent ends up being $2635 per family. That is about 1/3 of the price of an apartment with much more square footage.

There are many ways to get families off the streets without resorting to hotels. They should rented an apartment for a fraction of price. If they would have done this, the $2 M per month spent would have been reduced to $667 K. It is still a huge amount, but at least it would have been easier to swallow.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

CIA Chief Panetta Claims Cheney Wishes America Attacked "In Order to Make His Point"

CIA chief Leon Panetta made some dubious statements regarding Dick Cheney's recent criticism of Obama's stance on terrorism:

Panetta told The New Yorker for an article in its June 22 issue that Cheney "smells some blood in the water" on the issue of national security.

Cheney has said in several interviews that he thinks Obama is making the U.S. less safe. He has been critical of Obama for ordering the closure of the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, halting enhanced interrogations of suspected terrorists and reversing other Bush administration initiatives he says helped to prevent attacks on the U.S.

Last month the former vice president offered a withering critique of Obama's policies and a defense of the Bush administration on the same day that Obama made a major speech about national security.

Panetta said of Cheney's remarks: "It's almost, a little bit, gallows politics. When you read behind it, it's almost as if he's wishing that this country would be attacked again, in order to make his point. I think that's dangerous politics."

It's, also, "dangerous politics" to accuse anyone of wanting America to be hit by a terrorist attack. That is the kind of divisive politics is exactly what Americans are tired of hearing about all of the time. Many voted for Obama because they believed that he was post-partisan. Unfortunately, it has been business as usual since the beginning of his term. The president has been blaming Bush for everything that is wrong in America. Now, his CIA chief is claiming that the former vice-president wants Americans to be killed or hurt "in order to make his point." People will grow tired of this rhetoric quickly, if they haven't already.

Washington Post Questions Wisdom Behind Obama's Spending Spree

It seems the Washington Post is having lingering doubts about the wisdom of Obama's spendapalooza:

After enjoying months of towering poll numbers, legislative victories and well-received foreign policy initiatives, the White House has become increasingly concerned that President Obama's spending plans, which would require $9 trillion in government borrowing over the next decade, could become a political liability that defines the 2010 midterm elections.

The backlash against the government's free spending ways seems to have reached critical mass since Obama has doubled down Bush's deficit spending. If fact, for three straight months, March, April, and May,he has a problematic record when it comes to fiscal responsibility to say the least. He has set records that not even Bush in his most spendthrift mode wasn't able to approach.

People are getting tired of it. TEA parties broke out all over the country on tax day protesting bailouts and government deficit spending. There are more planned for July 4th as well.

Protests against Obama's healthcare plan have also broken out in Seattle and Green Bay.

While Obama's popularity is still relatively high, most of his policies aren't. This could spell doom for the Obama and the Democrats come midterms as this article accurately forecasts.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

House Democrats Cut War Funding, Ban on Release of Touture Photos While Earmarking Over $100B For Global Bailouts

House Democrats are "playing politics" with our soldiers lives. Why do they hate our military?

As HUMAN EVENTS has been reporting all week, House Democrats have been playing politics with the War Supplemental Bill that funds the military efforts in both Afghanistan and Iraq.  The House and Senate versions of the bill moved into conference and House Democrats have been making substantial changes to the bill behind closed doors. These changes have outraged the Senate and lost support from the entire Republican caucus that is usually a sure vote for passing troop funding.

Democrats reduced the troop funding in the bill by $5 billion and added in $108 billion in unrestricted funds to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for a global bailout package.  They also stripped out the Graham-Lieberman amendment language that would bar the release of terrorist detainee photos being sought after by the ACLU.

They want to take money from our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and give over 20 times that amount to international companies to bail them out. Is the survival of foreign companies more important than the survival of our men and women in uniform?

They want to release the "torture" photos that will endanger our troops by enflaming Muslims in the region with picutres of their fellow Muslims being "tortured" by our troops.

This shamelessly shows their contempt our troops. The chance this will pass the Senate is remote, but it is despicable that the House Democrats even thought that this is a good idea.

What Conflict of Interest? Dodd's Wife Is on Medical Company Boards While Dodd Pushes Healthcare Reform

There is no chance of collusion here.

The wife of a senator playing a lead role on a national health care overhaul sits on the boards of three health care companies, one of several examples of lawmakers with ties to the medical industry.

Jackie Clegg Dodd, wife of Sen. Chris Dodd, serves on the boards of Javelin Pharmaceuticals Inc., Cardiome Pharma Corp., and Brookdale Senior Living, their Securities and Exchange Commission filings and Web sites show.

Sen. Dodd, D-Conn., is filling in for ailing Sen. Edward Kennedy, chairman of the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, which will soon start work on a health care bill.

If his work with the mortgage industry is any indication, we should expect the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics and other watchdog groups are to be very busy over the next few months:

A complaint filed by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, a government watchdog group, led the Senate Ethics Committee to begin looking at mortgages that Dodd and Sen. Kent Conrad, D-N.D., received from Countrywide Financial Corp.

The controversy involved a Countrywide "VIP" program for "friends of Angelo," Countrywide's then-chief executive Angelo Mozilo. The SEC filed a lawsuit this month accusing Mozilo of civil fraud and illegal insider trading.

Let's also not forget about his relationship with AIG.

While there are other committee members as well, shouldn't they have chosen someone that doesn't have such a long history of corruption? It is just inviting scandals into the healthcare reform process.

Maher: McCain Was Right, Obama Is a Celebrity, I Don't Want TV Star President

You know that you've gone too far when hard left zealot Bill Maher thinks that you've going overboard:

It's getting to where you can't turn on your TV without seeing Obama. Who does he think he is, Dick Cheney? Come on, sir, you don't have to be on television every minute of every day.

Wow! I don't think I've heard Maher get onto the celebrity-in-chief like that before. He doesn't stop there either:

Remember during the campaign when John McCain attacked Obama for acting like a celebrity and we all laughed at the grumpy old shellshocked fool? Well, it turns out he was right. Sorry, senator.

He goes on to criticize how much much he is on TV and even how the media has thrown softballs at the One.

Then, he knocks it out of the park with this epiphany:

See, this is why I don't want my president to be a TV star: Because TV stars are too worried about being popular -- and too concerned with getting renewed.

I agree with you on this point Bill. In fact, us conservatives have been saying that very same thing since early 2008. It's good to see that you finally reached the same conclusion we reached over a year ago.

Of course, he takes several swipes at the Republicans, but it was nice to see someone on the left to finally acknowedge Obama's celebrity status and the pitfalls of such a persona.

Typical: AP Will Start Publishing Articles From 4 Left-Leaning, 0 Conservative Nonprofits on July 1

Have they given up on at least throwing conservatives a bone? They aren't even giving conservatives a token report anymore. The Associated Press has outdone themselves this time:

Starting July 1, the Associated Press will begin publishing articles produced by nonprofit organizations, all four of which are left-leaning.

I guess they couldn't find any conservative nonprofits.

Sotomayor's Past Indicate Pro-Choice Beliefs, Dashes Conservatives' Hopes

With people like Rush expressing hopes that Judge Sotomayor is a closet pro-lifer, it is a huge downer to learn about her history in pro-abortion advocacy groups:

Consider that from 1980 until October 1992, Judge Sotomayor served on the board -- at times as vice president and at times as chairman of the litigation committee -- of the Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund. The New York Times in 1992 described her as "a top policy maker on the board." During that time period, the fund filed briefs in not one, not two, but at least six prominent court cases in strong support of "abortion rights."

The cases began with an abortion-funding case, Williams v. Zbaraz, just as she joined the board, and they continued through the landmark cases of Rust v. Sullivan, Webster v. Reproductive Health Services, and Planned Parenthood v. Casey. Especially in the Webster case, in which all nine justices joined at least part of the decision saying that states need not provide public funds for abortions, the fund supported positions far more pro-abortion than the court itself did. Also, in the case Ohio v. Akron Center, the fund wrote that it "opposes any efforts to overturn or in any way restrict the rights recognized in Roe v. Wade."

No statement could be more categorical. The Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund thus presumably would oppose any restriction, including those on late-term abortions, partial-birth abortions, abortions for minors and the like.

Some were speculating that since she is a Catholic she might be pro-life. After all, most Catholics are pro-life. There weren't any of her opinions to abortion related cases that seemed to indicate otherwise. So, conservative pundits were trying to find the silver lining and say that she might secretly hold pro-life beliefs. However, this new revelation unfortunately seems to put that theory to rest.

What Could Go Wrong? Bermuda: Recently Released Gitmo Prisoners Roam Without Security

This is smart:

Four of the Chinese Muslims, or Uighurs, released to Bermuda from the Guantanamo Bay prison appear to be getting used to life in paradise.

FOX News spotted the newly freed detainees at a guest cottage complex on the island without security or electronic monitoring, but their attorney said they will have to periodically check in with local police.

What could they be thinking? Why would you EVER let known terrorists roam around without any supervision?

Administration Official: US Kept Britain In the Dark About the Gitmo/Bermuda Deal Intentionally

The Gitmo/Bermuda story is getting more and more interesting:

A senior US official has told the BBC Washington decided not to tell London ahead of time about a deal to resettle four Guantanamo detainees in Bermuda.

Why would Obama intentionally keep this from England and risk a rift in between the two countries?

Washington was attempting to shield the UK from Chinese anger.

Beijing has demanded the return to China of all 17 Uighurs held by US forces but Washington says they could face persecution in China.

This sounds like spin control to me. If it is true, it shows how little Obama knows about how foreign diplomacy works. You don't keep thing like this from your closest ally when it directly affects their national security. Since Bermuda is under British control and they handle foreign affairs for the island, they should have been the first to be called not left in the dark. They should not be finding out about this for the first time through the press. It's just another example of how the One's actions shows how little he cares about and/or respects our allies.

Now a senior US official has told the BBC it was a deliberate decision not to consult London on the resettlement, after other countries came under pressure from China not to accept the Uighurs.

In a highly unusual move, a senior US official said Washington opted to keep details of the deal from London until the last minute to enable Britain to deny all knowledge of the deal and thus avoid China's anger, says the BBC's Washington correspondent Kim Ghattas.

The official said they expected London to be upset but added he felt the deal was made on solid ground, in direct talks with the Bermuda government, who accepted the men as part of guest worker programme.

"Upset" seems to a bit understated. According to one report, the British were downright "pissed".

That excuse is pathetic. Even if that was the real reason, China probably won't fully believe that Britain had no idea that this deal was going down. They may believe that the British are "playing dumb" and really knew about the deal even if they did not.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Sen Baucus (D): Taxing Health Benefits Might Wait Until After Obama is Elected in 2012

The Democratic senator from Montana suggested that enacting new taxes on health benefits could wait until 2013:

Legislation to be outlined next week in the Senate Finance Committee will likely include a new tax on workers with the costliest employer-provided health coverage, officials said Friday, but with implementation delayed until 2013 to minimize any political fallout.

The date is an obvious attempt to keep it out of the minds of voters until they get the Savior-in-Chief locked in the White House until 2017. This shows me that they know that people don't want this and will voice their displeasure at the polls come election.

Officials familiar with internal deliberations said the leading option under consideration by Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., the committee chairman, would mean higher taxes for workers whose family coverage costs $15,000 a year or more in premiums paid by employer and employee combined.

The provision could generate hundreds of billions of dollars over the next decade to help pay the $1 trillion or more the Obama administration has estimated is necessary under its plan to extend health care to millions of Americans who lack it. Cuts in projected Medicare and Medicaid spending are expected to make up much of the rest.

Overall, what does this mean? It could mean that Obamacare isn't going to happen without further borrowing more money from China to pay for it. If that is the case, it could effectively put Obamacare on ice for a few years.

The question that plagues my mind about this is this: if they know that people don't want this, why are they so persistant in their push to cram it down our thoats? Don't they know that think that most Americans resent the government telling them what to do and abhor nanny states?

Oh My: Obama's Department of Justice Defend Defense of Marriage Act in Court

As much of an uproar is raised by opponents of Prop 8 and ridicule is directed at those who support Prop 8 and other laws that keep marriage in between a man and a woman, there very little said so far about Obama's position and actions regarding this case from the tolerance bullies:

President Obama’s Justice Department filed legal papers late Thursday to dismiss the first same sex marriage case filed in federal court.

The Justice Department defended the Defense Of Marriage Act, or DOMA, which as a candidate then-Sen. Obama opposed, saying that the plaintiffs Arthur Smelt and Christopher Hammer are seeking a ruling on "whether by virtue of their marital status they are constitutionally entitled to acknowledgment of their union by states that do not recognize same-sex marriage, and whether they are similarly entitled to certain federal benefits. Under the law binding on this Court, the answer to these questions must be no.”

I have heard very little about this in the Mainstream Media. They seem to be trying to sweep underneath the rug. Shouldn't the gay rights activists be mad and protesting Obama as much as they do Carrie Prejean?

Green Bay: Around 1,000 Protestors Greet Obama, Protest His Healthcare Plan

An estimated 1,000 people came out to a Green Bay high school where Obama was stumping for his healthcare plan to express their opinion his plan:

Organizers said about 1,000 people lined the east side of Packerland Drive Thursday morning to protest President Obama's stop in Green Bay. Stretching four blocks long, the protest parked itself along the motorcade route between Austin Straubel Airport and Green Bay Southwest High School.

Most of the protestors were part of a grassroots movement that calls itself "The Party of Know." Jerry Bader, a conservative talk show host on WTAG 1360, helped organize the rally. Most protestors said their purpose Thursday was to let President Obama know just exactly how they feel about a government backed health care system.

Here's a quote from one of the protesters that sums up conservatives' argument against universal healthcare:

"It doesn't work," Dawn Papapetru said. Papapetru said she feels an obligation to speak out. She now lives in Green Bay but was born and raised in Canada, a country that provides universal health care for its citizens.

"I know what the free health system is all about. It's wrong. Taxes will go up, gas will go up and the lines get longer in hospitals," Papapetru said.

Imagine the lines in the hospital, if every hypochondriac could go to the hospital for every little thing without having to worry having to pay for every single visit.

Also, as one of the protesters sign points out: "'Free' healthcare isn't free. Everyone pays." And pay we will through all kinds of new and increased taxes, like S-CHIP, fat tax, and etc.

Hide Your Wallets: Democrats Want $600 B Tax Increases to Pay For $1 T Obamacare Plan

Democrats are once again looking to raise everyone's taxes in order to pay for their spending spree:

Health-care overhaul legislation being drafted by House Democrats will include $600 billion in tax increases and $400 billion in cuts to Medicare and Medicaid, Ways and Means Committee Chairman Charles Rangel said.

Democrats will work on the bill’s details next week as they struggle through “what kind of heartburn” it will cause to agree on how to pay for revamping the health-care system, Rangel, a New York Democrat, said today. The measure’s cost is reaching well beyond the $634 billion President Barack Obama proposed in his budget request to Congress as a 10-year down payment for the policy changes.

Asked whether the cost of a health-care overhaul would be more than $1 trillion over a decade, Rangel said, “the answer is yes.”

One trillion dollars is too much for us to spend on anything right now. Obama is breaking spending and deficit records left and right. Oh, and here.

Democrats have come out with many ways to raise taxes (not just on the top 5% either), but they have repeatedly put the tax cut for 95% of Americans on the back burner.

Landrieu "Skimmed" Letter Affirming Support For Government Health Insurance Option

This type of thing is why Congress is incompetant:

Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) signed a letter in November affirming support for a public insurance option, but her spokesman said Thursday that she didn’t “necessarily look at it word for word.”

The senator skimmed the letter to Health Care for America Now during a November campaign event, agreed with most of the principles, and signed it, Landrieu spokesman Aaron Saunders said. Where Landrieu comes down on the issue could prove significant as Democrats search for a filibuster-proof majority, and the Health Care for America Now is now planning a TV campaign in Louisiana to exert pressure on her.

She just "skimmed" it and didn't “necessarily look at it word for word.” You would think that something as important as health care reform would require more than just a casual glance.

Barney Frank Wants to Add Limits to CEO Pay Structure of All US Companies

Rep. Barney Frank, Massachusetts Democrat, is trying to pass a law that will limit the salary of CEOs and other corporate execs:

Rep. Barney Frank says excessive compensation packages for top corporate executives played a key role in the country's financial crisis, and he wants to reign in that pay.

"I believe that the structure of compensation has been flawed," the Massachusetts Democrat said while chairing a House Financial Services Committee hearing on Thursday.

Frank wants to develop guidelines for compensation practices, and not just for companies receiving government bailout dollars. Frank argues the problems is much wider.

There are some changes that need to be made in the way CEO's are paid and compensated, but the government is not the one that should make them change. It isn't their place. Given time the free markets will force them to change their ways or go out of business as it did with GM, Fannie & Freddie, AIG, etc.

Congress needs to worry about themselves and their job performance and compensation for said performance. They are worrying about the golden parachutes that failed CEOs get when their own poor job performance is just as abysmal as the CEOs they are bailing out. What would Barney say if China, the country that is bailing out Rep. Frank and his free spending buddies on Capital Hill, started telling him how much he could make? After all, the Chinese are bailing Washington out just as Washington is bailing out the CEOs.

What the most ridiculous part of this story is that the Massachusetts Democratic Senator doesn't want to stop at just the companies that are being bailed out. He wants to limit the pay of the CEOs of companies that are profitable. What is he thinking? How can he justify putting limits on the fruits of their successes?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hide Your Wallets: IRS Looks to Tax Work Phone Usage Deemed As Personal

Here comes more tax hikes and not just for the top 5% of Americans:

The IRS is weighing a proposal to deem one-quarter of employees' use of work cellphones as personal use and therefore subject to tax as a fringe benefit.

The proposal is one of several options the IRS put forward this week on the tax treatment of employer-provided cellphones. Current law already requires that the value of those cellphone services be included in a worker's gross income, unless the employee keeps detailed records showing that the cellphone is used for work only.

I'm not sure of the exact number of people that have cell phones through their work, but I would imagine that it would be at the very least hundreds of thousands and probably more than likely millions of working Americans nationwide.

When will the media call out Obama for raising taxes on the lower 95%? He already raised taxes on cigarettes. Talks have begun to raise taxes on "non-healthy" foods, aka fat tax, and on all energy carbon emissions.Where will they stop? Democrats seem to be content to keep raising taxes on anything and anyone in order to pay for their extravagant entitlement programs.

More "Smart" Diplomacy: Brits "Pissed" Over Obama's Transer of Gitmo Detainees to Bermuda

Obama does it again. At this pace, England will be our bitter enemies by the end of his term. In his haste to get the prisoners out of Gitmo by early next year, he made an arrangement with one governing body of the island without consulting with the other government in charge:

ABC News' Kirit Radia reports: The U.S. may be happy to see four more detainees leave the Guantanamo Bay detention facility. Those Uighurs -- Chinese Muslims -- were sent to Bermuda today, but close ally Great Britain is seething because they say they were not adequately consulted about the move.

"They're pissed," admitted a senior State Department official, speaking on condition of anonymity.

The UK provides for Bermuda's defense and foreign affairs, but the State Department today said it dealt directly with the government of Bermuda, who then informed the British Governor General on the island.

How can they move these dangerous individuals into a country without notifying the local military contingent. That would be like moving a convicted child molester into a neighborhood without notifying the local police or sheriff's office.

What in the world was the Obama Administration thinking? We wouldn't like it if France made a deal with Puerto Rican governor Luis Fortuño to send some of their serial killers to live in the American territory without contacting Washington. Obama, Gibbs, Clinton, and basically everyone else in the administration would be appalled at their audacity and arrogance of the French because we were not informed of the move.

Blue Dog Democrats Revolting Over Climate Change Bill, New Carbon Tax-400th Post

Blue dogs have been uneasy about supporting Waxman's climate change bill that will in effect enact a new carbon tax on energy. Now, uneasyness is turning into outright trepidation:

More and more Democrats are ready to vote against Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s climate change bill, according to a congressional committee chairman who opposes his leader.

The House Agriculture Committee Chairman Collin Peterson (D-Minn.) said Wednesday that he’s at an impasse with the lead sponsor of a climate change bill strongly backed by Pelosi (D-Calif.), and that his list of Democratic members who would join him in voting against the measure is growing rather than shrinking.

According to Peterson, he has about 45 votes against the bill right now with more possibly more on the way as the senators get a good look at the bill and the economic damage it would cause this country.

Good News: 4 Gitmo Terrorists Transferred to Bermuda

Gitmo terrorists, you have been caught trying to kill Americans. Let's see what you've won. It's an all-expense paid trip to the tropical island of Bermuda paid for by the American government and Barack Obama:

Four Uighur detainees from Guantanamo Bay have been sent to Bermuda, officials said Thursday.

Four trained terrorists bent on killing westerners especially Americans are sent to a heavy trafficked by Americans tourist destination. What could go wrong?

Eric Holder echoes the sentiment that closing Gitmo will make Americans safer without giving any proof. I fail to see how moving terrorists to tourist spots frequented by Americans will make us safer.

Someone in the admonistration tried to make us feel better with this statement:

An Obama administration source told ABC News that "the Uighurs will not be able to travel to the United States unless the U.S. government consents in advance."

Somehow, I don't feel comforted. I know that I don't have any urge to visit Bermuda any time soon.

Also, I wonder why the US would ever consider consenting to the admittance into this country. It should be off the table for life. Letting the terrorists now that it is a possibility makes Obama seem a bit soft.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Transparency Takes Another Hit Under the Obama Administration: Officials Softens Union Transparency

So much for the most transparent administration ever:

That news comes courtesy of federal disclosure forms that unions file each year with the Department of Labor. The Bush Administration toughened the enforcement of those disclosure rules, but under pressure from unions the Obama Labor shop is slashing funding for such enforcement. Without such disclosure, workers wouldn't be able to see how their union chiefs are managing their mandatory dues money.

They are obviously trying to cover up for their little buddies in the unions. It looks like all of money the unions gave to the Obama campaign is starting to really pay off. After all, Obama and the Democrats don't want to bite the hand that feeds their campaign war chest.

Finally, Real Reason Why Unions Want Card Check: They're Broke After Election Contributions to Democrats

There is so much in this story that I didn't know where to start. I guess we'll start at the beginning because the first sentence really says it all:

'We spent a fortune to elect Barack Obama," declared Andy Stern last month, and the president of the Service Employees International Union wasn't exaggerating. The SEIU and AFL-CIO have been spending so much on politics that they're going deeply into debt.

Why would they spend so much making sure that Democrats are elected that they are basically mortgaging their futures?

They want card check legislation passed. If it want enacted into law, it would free up unions to openly intimidate reluctant workers into signing up with them because there would no longer be a secret ballot. Unions would know exactly who doesn't want to join, and then, they could make them an offer that they couldn't refuse. Once signed up, they would be forced to pay dues to the unions. With more money, they would get more power to influence this country.

How bad is it for the unions?

Alarm is coming even from inside the AFL-CIO -- specifically, from Tom Buffenbarger, president of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, who sits on the AFL-CIO's finance committee. Bloomberg News reports that he is circulating a report claiming the AFL-CIO engaged in "creative accounting" to conceal financial difficulties heading into last year's Presidential election. As recently as 2000, the union consortium of 8.5 million members had a $45 million surplus. By June of last year it had $90.6 million in liabilities, or $2.3 million more than its $88.3 million in assets. "If we are not careful, insolvency may be right around the corner," Mr. Buffenbarger warned.

The unions did put their very existence on the line without expecting payback. First, Obama gave the UAW a significant amount of ownership in GM. Now, they want card check to be able expand their rolls and by extension their bank accounts through the dues received from the new coerced signees.

San Francisco Passes Law Forcing Everyone to Recycle Or Be Fined

The heavily Democratic city of San Francisco has intruded in the lives of every one of their citizens once again:

The Board of Supervisors has approved legislation requiring all residents and businesses to recycle and compost or face hefty fines.

By its own estimation, the city already has the highest recycling rate in the country at 72 percent. But Supervisor Bevan Dufty said it can do more.

The new law approved Tuesday will force landlords and commercial building owners to sign up for recycling and composting services or face fines of up to $500, he said.

While I believe that recycling should be done by everyone, I don't believe that it should be forced on us by the goverment. It is not their place to be our parents.

Rev. Wright Is Back, Keeping It Classy As Always: Blames Jews For Rift With Obama

Everyone's favorite racist preacher is back:

Asked if he had spoken to the president, Wright said: "Them Jews aren't going to let him talk to me.

"Them Jews"?!? That's nice. I can see why Obama stayed in his church for 20 years. As much as he spouts of racist rhetoric not just at the pulpit but also in everyday conversation, it is almost impossible to believe that the president didn't know.

Wright went on to chastise Obama for not attending the racist Conference on Racism and being afraid to offend or upset Israel.

He chastised Israel for their retaliatory offensive in Gaza:

"Ethnic cleansing is going on in Gaza. Ethnic cleansing (by) the Zionist is a sin and a crime against humanity, and they don't want Barack talking like that because that's anti-Israel," Wright said.

It makes you wonder what Obama ever saw in him.

Obama Sets Another Record: Highest Federal May Deficit Ever Recorded

For the second time in three months, Obama goes in the record books but not in the good way:

The federal budget deficit soared to a record for May of $189.7 billion, pushing the tide of red ink close to $1 trillion with four months left in the budget year.

The rising deficit reflects increased government spending due to the recession, and billions of dollars spent on bailouts for banks and other troubled companies.

The Treasury Department reported Wednesday that the red ink so far this year totals $991.9 billion. The administration is projecting the deficit for the budget year that began Oct. 1, will total an all-time record of $1.84 trillion. That would be more than four times the amount of last year's record deficit.

Not only has he set a record in March and May, he had, also, managed to be in the red in April for the first time in 26 years.

This is an ominous start to his presidency. For a man who ran on a platform of financial responsibility and going "line by line" taking out waste, he isn't off to a good start.

House Approves "Cash For Clunkers" Money Waster

This is a follow-up of a story that I reported on earlier. Thanks to the House, your tax dollars are one step closer to going down the drain with no chance of a return on or investment:

The House on Tuesday approved a "cash for clunkers" bill that aims to boost new auto sales by allowing consumers to turn in their gas-guzzling cars and trucks for vouchers worth up to $4,500 toward more fuel-efficient vehicles.

President Barack Obama has encouraged Congress to approve consumer incentives for new car purchases as part of the government's work to restructure General Motors and Chrysler. The House approved the bill 298-119.

How much is this abomination of a bill going to cost us?

Separately, House and Senate appropriators were discussing providing $1 billion to a supplemental war funding bill for the "cash for clunkers" program, which aims to generate about 1 million new auto sales. Since the yearlong vehicle program is expected to cost $4 billion, lawmakers would attempt to find the additional money later this year.

Where are they going to find this "additional money"? We're already in a deep enough deficit hole as it is. There aren't any money trees or pots of gold at the end of any rainbows in DC last time I checked.

They are just trying to boost sales of Government Motors. They've made the mistake of taking it over, and now, they have to cover their tracks and make it profitable at all costs.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tulsa: Evengelical Youth Outreach Group Banned From Publically Funded Housing

First, there was San Diego. Now, there is another instance of religious persecution against Christians.

A Christian evangelical group that works to improve the lives of underprivileged children says it has been prohibited from conducting Bible study classes in public housing projects in Tulsa, Okla., potentially violating a Supreme Court ruling that upheld religious groups' right to the use of public institutions.

For more than 70 years, the Missouri-based Child Evangelism Fellowship has worked with underprivileged kids, not only to convert them to Christianity, but to improve their lives through education and after-school activities. In one program, fellowship missionaries visit prisons and sign up inmates' children for Bible study programs in an effort to keep them from winding up in jail themselves.

And for more than two decades, the fellowship has hosted a religious-themed summer program in Tulsa's tough housing projects, designed to keep children from falling victim to the temptations of drugs and crime.

But recently, the fellowship was told that it was in violation of a long-standing policy prohibiting religious instruction on public housing property, said Larry Koehn, who heads the organization's chapter in the city.

This policy is just as unconstitutional as the statute in San Diego that county officials used to try and stop a pastor and his wife's home Bible study. In the case of San Diege, they quickly backed down and won't be fining the pastor and his wife for their home Bible studies.

In Tulsa, they are looking to violate the groups Constitutional rights of religious expression, assembly, and free speech. This is not the first time that they had their rights trampled on by the city:

"Last fall, one of our schools said we couldn't hold a club after school for the same reasons," Larry Koehn, a group leader, said. "I contacted the Liberty Counsel and they wrote a letter to the school board explaining equal access, and they let us in."

Now, they are preparing for a lawsuit against the housing authority to fight for their rights. A lawyer with experiece in religious cases has been retained.

Past precident is on the side of the evangelical group. The Supreme Court said in 2001 that religious groups should have equal access to public building as any other group.

This is also an assualt on the poor who are mostly minorities as they are the people who are the most likely to live in such housing. So, they are they taking rights away of the evangelical group but the poor people that livr there as well.

I will stay on top of this story.

Biden Does It Again: Can't Distinguish Between Tunnel For Cars and Trains

Vice President Joe Biden, gaffe-master extroidinare, has struck again:

Avid train rider and Vice President Joe Biden, on a conference call Monday with reporters, mistakenly claimed that the planned Hudson River tunnel between New Jersey and Midtown Manhattan would provide a much-anticipated route for automobiles.

Problem is, it's for trains.

The $8.7 billion tunnel is among the largest new projects to be funded in the Obama administration's $787 billion stimulus package.

"Look, this is designed, this totally new tunnel, is designed to provide for automobile traffic," Biden said, according to The Record of Bergen County. "It's something, as you know, up your way, that's been in the works and people have been clamoring for for a long time." 

No, Joe, the tunnel is used for trains not cars, and they called Quayle half-witted.

With Bankruptcy Knocking At Its Door California Might Close Welfare Programs Permanently

Things have become so bad for California financially that the liberally dominated state is actually considering of one of its costly entitlement programs:

Could California become the first state in the nation to do away with welfare?

That doomsday scenario is on the table as lawmakers wrestle with a staggering $24.3 billion budget deficit.

County welfare directors are "in shock" at the very idea of getting rid of CalWORKs, which has been widely viewed as one of the most successful social programs in the state's history, said Bruce Wagstaff, director of the Department of Human Assistance in Sacramento.

This is shocking to believe that the "cradle to grave" Democrats would actually go for this. Perhaps, they have come to their senses and realized how bad their situation actually is.

Now, I don't believe that legitimate "hand up" programs should be totally disregarded, but the loop holes that allow people who can work take advantage of the programs. Not all but many use the welfare programs to take care of them without having to work on it. In my time in various "hand up" programs there were some that were just there for the free room and board. They were not into bettering their situations for good.

I know there are some out there that do use the programs as a stepping stone off of the streets as I did. I don't believe that they should be robbed of the chance to get help to live a better life.

Hopefully, they can find a way to keep programs that help people that are truly looking for a way off of the streets and welfare while closing the loopholes and programs that keep people dependent on the government for their housing and food without offering them a way out.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Former Louisiana US Rep. Jefferson (D) Starts Bribery Criminal Trial Tomorrow

The New Orleans area former US representative that was defeated by the first Republican to win in the district in decades is about to start his trial:

Former U.S. Rep. William Jefferson faces several obstacles to being acquitted of bribery, racketeering and other federal charges -- and topping the list is explaining the $90,000 cash stashed in his freezer.

Jefferson, a Louisiana Democrat who represented parts of New Orleans until losing his bid for re-election last year, goes on trial Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Alexandria on allegations that he received more than $400,000 in bribes in return for using his influence to broker business deals in Africa.

Just more corruption from the most ethical Congress evah!

Little Too Late: House GOP Wants to "Terminate the TARP"

Texas Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R) has introduced a bill today that will force the Obama and Geithner to spend the rest of the TARP money by the end of the year or lose it:

A key House Republican introduced a bill Monday that will set a Dec. 31 deadline for the Treasury Department to lend money to troubled financial institutions.

The government launched the $700 billion TARP -- or the Troubled Asset Relief Program -- last fall to bail out banks and other financial institutions whose collapse posed a systemic risk to the US economy. Treasury has since allocated more than $600 billion to dozens of banks, the American Insurance Group (AIG), and failed automakers GM and Chrysler, among other companies.

"It's time to terminate the TARP program," Rep. Jeb Hensarling, R-Texas, told reporters on Monday. "TARP is increasingly not being a vehicle for economic stability and taxpayer protection but is evolving into 700 billion dollar revolving slush fund that the administration can use to advance economic, social and political agenda items far and apart from what Tarp was ever designed to do."

Sen. John Thune (R-SD) is pursuing similar legislation in the Senate. This seems a bit hypocritical for the Republicans to now speak out against the TARP fund that Bush fought for signed into law, but it's better late than never.

RINO California Governator "Happy" About Reckless Deficit Spending on Illegal Immigrants

Um, Arnie, isn't this kind of free spending what got your state on the edge of bankruptcy in the first place. How can you say that you're "happy" about it:

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger says he's "happy" illegal immigrants get state services and says they're not to blame for California's $24.3 billion budget gap.

Top US Trading Partners Worried Over Obama, Democrats' Protectionist Policies

Last week, it was reported that Canadian officials have already started to fight back against possible American protectionism. Now, other European countries seem to be considering joining Canada in the trade war against Obama and the Democrats' "Buy American" provisions:

America's largest trading partners are warning that protectionist moves by Congress could poison global trade relations, despite President Barack Obama's assurances that he wants to keep U.S. markets open.

Businesses in the European Union and Canada complain they have been shut out of U.S. markets because of the "Buy American" provision in the massive stimulus bill, passed in February, which requires the use of U.S.-manufactured products.

EU and Canadian officials worry the practice is widening, as Congress is considering adding similar measures to other spending bills.

Here we go again. I'm getting flashbacks to the 1930's when Hoover and FDR's administrations implemented protectionist policies that deepened the depression and made it last years longer.

Labor unions are hugely in favor of this economically destructive policy. Since the Democrats are so beholden to the unions, they have no choice but to pass the protectionist policies to keep the unions happy no matter how bad it would be for the rest of Americans or the world. Unions drove GM and Chrysler into bankruptcy. Ford and the airline industry may not be far behind. The teacher's union is partly responsible for the decline in our kids school grades and the mass exodus from public schools to private schools. Now, they want to ruin the rest of the country.

Democrats Consider Fining Americans Who Refuse Buying Health Insurance While Taxing Health Benefits

House Democrats seem determined to taking our money away from us one way or another:

Officials say top Democrats in the House are circulating health care proposals that would require individuals to purchase insurance if they can afford it and slap an unspecified financial penalty on those who refuse.

The Democrats want to tell us what to do with our money, and if we do not comply with their demands they will fine us until we do. That is called extortion. Tony Soprano would be proud of what the Democrats are proposing.

Purchasing insurance is always a good idea for anyone. However, it is not the government's place to force us to do what is best.

Not only do they want to force us to buy insurance, but they also want to tax the health benefits that they are forcing us to purchase:

These officials — both Democrats and others briefed — also say top lawmakers in the House are considering imposing a new tax on certain health insurance benefits as one of numerous options to help pay for expanding coverage to the uninsured. No details are available, and these officials stressed that no final decisions have been made.

This a huge extortion racket. The government might force Americans to buy insurance and, then, turn around and tax those benefits to pay for insurance for those who don't make enough for the government to tax into submission.

If this passes, it would be a huge intrusion into our lives and invasion of our individual rights.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sotomayor Repeated Same "Racist" Comment Many Times

This has gone from one instance of using a "poor choice of words" to a consistent pattern of thought from Obama's Supreme Court nominee. Robert Gibbs may not be able to give another pitiful excuse for her this time:

Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor delivered multiple speeches between 1994 and 2003 in which she suggested "a wise Latina woman" or "wise woman" judge might "reach a better conclusion" than a male judge.

Those speeches, released Thursday as part of Sotomayor's responses to the Senate Judiciary Committee's questionnaire, (to see Sotomayor's responses to the Senate Judiciary Committee click here and here) suggest her widely quoted 2001 speech in which she indicated a "wise Latina" judge might make a better decision was far from a single isolated instance.

A draft version of a October 2003 speech Sotomayor delivered at Seton Hall University stated, "I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would, more often than not, reach a better conclusion." That is identical to her October 2001 remarks at the University of California, Berkeley that have become the subject of intense criticism by Republican senators and prompted conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh to label her "racist."

In addition, Sotomayor delivered a series of earlier speeches in which she said "a wise woman" would reach a better decision. She delivered the first of those speeches in Puerto Rico in 1994 and then before the Women's Bar Association of the State of New York in April 1999.

This is going to become a real problem for Evan Thomas' god-in-chief. Comments like this is very revealing to how she truly sees people of other races and gender. It makes one wonder if she can really be unbiased if she believes that a person of one race and/or gender are inherently better than whites and especially white men.

German Adviser: Levers of Obama's Government Not Running Smoothly, Confused By Criticism

Obama's making friends all over Europe:

After mending fences with the Muslim world in Cairo on Thursday, President Obama might want to keep his diplomatic tools handy for his stopover here, to repair his increasingly strained relationship with Chancellor Angela Merkel.

A rift has quietly opened up between Germany and the United States, marked by official statements of harmony and private grumbling. It is not an outright crisis in relations, but there are underlying tensions and disagreements on matters ranging from the global economic crisis to the future of inmates held at Guantánamo Bay. On a more basic level, there is a sense that the Obama administration is ignoring the needs and counsel of longtime allies. Divided Germany was once at the center not only of the cold war, but of American foreign policy as well, which is no longer the case. Yet the United States can ill afford to alienate Europe's largest economy and its most important intermediary in the strained relationship with Russia. "They're not angry, they're not anti-Obama or anti-American," said John C. Kornblum, a former United States ambassador to Germany and now a business adviser in Berlin. "But they're confused by the wave of criticism which has been sent at them by the administration and people close to the administration.

"It's not that they don't like him," he said. "They just feel like things aren't working, like the levers of government are not being engaged to make issues run smoothly."

It's hard to run a government smoothly when you haven't filled all of your positions in your administration, and those that he does appoint are mostly gaffe prone and incompetent.

N. Dakota: June Snow Fall Further Complicates Global Warming Theory

Global warming is seeming more and more ridiculous with every passing day:

Bismarck, N.D. (AP) Snow has fallen in Dickinson in June, the first time in nearly 60 years the city has seen snow past May.

Newsweek Editor Elevates Obama to God, Is Life Before Birth Above His Pay Grade Now?

Apparently, Obama has elevated to a deity according to those in the mainstream media:

Newsweek editor Evan Thomas brought adulation over President Obama’s Cairo speech to a whole new level on Friday, declaring on MSNBC: "I mean in a way Obama’s standing above the country, above – above the world, he’s sort of God."

Thomas, appearing on Hardball with Chris Matthews, was reacting to a preceding monologue in which Matthews praised Obama’s speech: "I think the President's speech yesterday was the reason we Americans elected him. It was grand. It was positive. Hopeful...But what I liked about the President's speech in Cairo was that it showed a complete humility...The question now is whether the President we elected and spoke for us so grandly yesterday can carry out the great vision he gave us and to the world."

At least, he's being honest about his beliefs. No wonder why the newspapers and magazines are going bankrupt.

Snort-Worthy: Pelosi Admits She Receives CIA Briefings, Won't Say If They're Still Lying

Let's keep the pressure on Captain Planet's accusations against the CIA:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) at her weekly press conference yesterday continued dodging questions about her accusations that the CIA lied to Congress about waterboarding terrorist detainees.

Pelosi was pressed by reporters on whether she continued to receive briefings and admitted that she is still receiving the CIA presentatoins.  She refused to answer when this humble correspondent asked whether or not she believes intelligence professionals are still lying to her.

This liberal blowhard still won't give any proof to her allegations against the CIA that they lied to her about waterboarding. She has just buried her head in the sand especially after Leon Panetta all but called her a liar.

For the most part the mainstream media is letting her get away with it, but it does seem to be the story that won't go away. I hope the GOP and the press keep pressing her to show proof or admit she lied until she does it. She should not get away with this egrgious lie.

After Years of Control Over Europe, Left-Leaning Parties Losing Control

Maybe Europe is starting to see the error in their ways:

The economic recession should have meant easy votes for. Europe's left-wing movements, longtime critics of unchecked capitalism. Yet as Europe goes to the polls, left-leaning parties across the continent are looking likely to falter.

That's true both for those in government, such as in the U.K. and Spain, and in the opposition -- such as France, Germany and Italy.

England is currently revolting against the corrupt and incompetant left government. Nicholas Sarkozy of France and Angela Merkel of are more conservative than their predecessors. The EU president has been recently been quoted blasting global warming alarmism.

The tide seems to be turning across the pond. Will America continue on down the path of the failed European socialist policies, or will they learn from our allies' mistakes and reverse course?

Uh, oh!: Canada Fights Back Against Obama's "Buy American" Policy, Trade War Is Here

Obama and the Democrats included a "Buy American" provision in the porkulus bill which forces some of those who receive money from the stimulus to buy supplies only from American companies. That has sparked rumors of a trade war brewing. Now, the first sign of such a war has come:

Canadian mayors have passed a resolution that would potentially shut out U.S. bidders from local city contracts.

The resolution is in retaliation to "Buy American" provisions in President Barack Obama's stimulus bill.
Mayors voted 189-175 to approve the resolution at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities conference in Whistler, British Columbia.

The resolution says the federation should support cities that adopt policies that allow them to buy only from companies whose home countries do not impose trade restrictions against Canadian goods.

The mayors also voted to hold off on any action for 120 days while Canada is negotiating a possible compromise with the U.S. government.

Is this more of his "smart diplomacy" hard at work?

No matter how much Democrats and their buddies in the labor unions hate it, free trade between countries help the economy.

Plus, it promotes good will with our allies. It angers other nations when our goverment prevents our companies from doing business with companies internationally.

Obamas Decline to Dine With Sarkozys, Further Alienates US From Europe

Obama's "smart diplomacy" continues to alienate us from our old allies while he tries to make new ones in the Middle East:

The Obamas turn up in Paris this evening, but have declined a dinner invitation from the couple next door: the Sarkozys.

President Obama’s reluctance to spend more than minimum time with the French leader on his visit for the D-Day anniversary has come as an embarrassment to the Elysée Palace.

America’s First Family will not be dining with President Sarkozy and his wife, Carla Bruni, even though they are staying at the residence of the US Ambassador, yards from the Elysée apartments where the Sarkozys spend their weekends.

First, Obama snubs Brown here, here, here, here, and the Queen of England here. The British press have been much more critical of Obama since those snubs.

Now, he wants to do the same with Sorkozy and France.

AOL Fired Liberal Writer Over His Report on Playboy's Attack on Conservative Women

Newsbusters has been reporting that liberal blogger Tommy Christopher recently wrote a post criticizing Playboy for Guy Cimbalo's top ten list of conservative women that with "whom he would like to commit vulgar and violent sexual acts against. AOL seems to be ducking and dodging questions involving Tommy Christopher's release:

AOL News has been bending over backwards lately to make sure that the do not cover the controversy surrounding writer Guy Cimbalo's vile attack on conservative women. AOL News has taken some drastic steps to censor any mention, let alone criticism, of Playboy's screed. They have deleted posts about the article, banned contributors from mentioning it, and even fired one of their liberal writers over it.

The fact that banning reporters from, well, reporting is so contrary to the purpose of a news organization it really is puzzling. It seems to be in direct contrast to their commitment to "traditional journalistic values".

The evidence is staking up quite high that AOL News fired liberal writer Tommy Christopher today due to his repeated attempts to get coverage of the Playboy attack list on AOL's Politics Daily. Christopher had first attempted to post this criticism of Playboy's sick list the day it was published on their website. However, he was surprised to find that shortly after putting his article on Politics Daily it was deleted by an editor.

Why would AOL be so desperate to protect Playboy? Time Warner, AOL's parent comany, has a business relationship with Playboy.

Whatever happened to journalistic integrity? Has AOL sold their journalistic sold to Ted Turner and Hugh Hefner?

Captain Planet Pelosi to Commitee Chairmen: Push Climate Change Bill Or Else

House Speaker Pelosi is determined to save the planet no matter if we want it or not:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday issued an ultimatum to her committee chairmen: move climate change legislation by June 19 or risk losing jurisdiction over the bill.

By imposing the deadline, Pelosi (D-Calif.) is asserting her authority over Ways and Means Committee Chairman Charles Rangel (D-N.Y.) and Agriculture Committee Chairman Collin Peterson (D-Minn.), among others, in an effort to unhinge her signature issue, which has been mired in intra-party politics.

The bill was approved by the Energy and Commerce Committee before the Memorial Day recess and was initially intended for a subsequent floor vote. But Rangel and Peterson objected, and Peterson even threatened to take down the bill if his committee didn’t have a chance to mark it up or have provisions in it significantly altered.

With the low poll numbers that climate change gets, Pelosi must be realizing that it is now or never for a passing of such a bill. The number of people that believe in man-made global warming continues to decline. When asked about issues that mean the most to them, voters consistently rank climate change dead last. Most people just don't care about it. If she hesitates any longer, there may be no way to get people to buy into passing climate change legislation anymore.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Obama's Possible Tax Hike Could Chase Microsoft Jobs Overseas

Apparently, Bill Gates, an avid Obama supporter didn't quite expect for this kind of change, or he doesn't feel like shared sacrifice through overtaxation is patriotic:

Microsoft Corp. Chief Executive Officer Steven Ballmer said the world’s largest software company would move some employees offshore if Congress enacts President Barack Obama’s plans to impose higher taxes on U.S. companies’ foreign profits.

“It makes U.S. jobs more expensive,” Ballmer said in an interview. “We’re better off taking lots of people and moving them out of the U.S. as opposed to keeping them inside the U.S.”

This is just one of the huge problems that come with raising taxes. If you raise taxes, people will move away to avoid them. Therefore, whatever extra income that might result from the companies that stay will be negated by those that look for greener pastures.

In addition, the community will also lose jobs. That will lower the taxes received through sales taxes, personal income, and property taxes. Therefore, if you add the extra income from taxes minus lost taxes from lost jobs, sales, personal income, and property taxes, you will have a net loss of tax income not increase.

New Jersey: GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Leads Incumbent Democrat By 13, Obama Policies Tested

New Jersey Gubernatorial race is off to quick start for the Republican nominee:

New Jersey Governor: Christie (R) 51% Corzine (D) 38%

Fresh from his primary victory over Steve Lonegan, Republican Chris Christie enjoys a double-digit lead over Democrat Jon Corzine in the New Jersey Governor's race.

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in the state shows Christie with 51% of the vote while Corzine is supported by 38%. Last month, before the primary, it was Christie with 47% of the vote and Corzine with 38%. The slight increase in support for Christie may reflect a temporary bounce from his primary victory.

The poll goes on to point out that while the wildly unpopular Democratic governor is down by double digits, New Jersey is traditionally solid blue. It will still be an uphill climb for Christie.

However, the ballooning state budget deficits, high unemployment, and bad economy could diminish the urge for Jersians to remain loyal to the Democratic party.

This is another test of voter reaction and approval of Obama and the Democrats' policies and effectiveness. While the first test, the NY-20 House election, was technically a failure for the Republicans, it was very close, and the Democratic now-Congressman Murphy beat the GOP candidate by only about 400 votes. Basically, it was 50.2% to 49.8%.

The New York election was an important test, but it was a win in a very liberal state albeit a more conservative district than most in the state. However, it was really to early to gage Obama's policies or the public's thoughts on them. Murphy mostly rode Obama's wave of momentum and honeymoon popularity.

Now, more time has passed, and people have become increasingly wary of the government's spendapalooza and bailing out of every business that comes to them. The upcoming elections will show how well the voters are receiving the One, especially if the Republicans win in this normally Democratic stronghold.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Great News: Government May Start Buying Your Clunkers Using Your Grandkids Money

A new bipartisan government waste amendment attached to an upcoming FDA bill could be flying through the Congress:

Sens. Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich., and Sam Brownback, R-Kan., introduced an amendment Tuesday that would set up a program that allows consumers with older, less fuel efficient vehicles to trade in their "clunker" for a voucher worth up to $4,500 toward the purchase of a new car that must get at least 22 miles per gallon or an SUV or pickup that gets at least 18 mpg -- clearly a focus on U.S. manufacturers.

The one-year program is expected to help sell 1 million vehicles, according to Stabenow and Brownback.

The definition of "clunker" is a vehicle that gets 18 mpg or less, and the voucher size varies. Owners who purchase a new passenger car that gets at least 4 mpg higher than their old "clunker" get a $3,500 voucher. If the mileage difference is more than 10 mpg, the consumer gets the full $4,500.

First, what is the one of the 2008 GOP presidential hopefuls doing supporting this? Hasn't he learned anything thing through Republican losses over the last few years and the tea party protests? Also, the polls are constantly saying that people are upset by all of the government waste, and they're not buying what the Goracle is selling regarding global warming aka climate change. There is no reason why any Republican should vote for this bill.

If the hit their mark of 1 million cars traded in over a year, the project would spend $3.5-4.5 Billion just for buy the cars. That's not including the program's employees salaries, supplies needed, office space, etc. This would be an massive amount of government growth.
What is the benefit of this new government expenditure? A few people may get a sweet deal on their lemons. They'll be able to buy better cars sure, but at what cost? It will further endebt us to China and makes my grandkids pay off our spending spree until they're grandparents.

The reduction of carbon emissions will be negligible, and the few new higher fuel efficiency cars will barely make a dent on our dependence on foreign oil. The bang to hype ratio is way out of whack on this program.

Republicans need to fight this. They need to shed this label of being Democrats light. When they stick to their fiscal responsibility roots, they win elections. It's when they start spending like Democrats that they start losing power.

We're All Muslims Now!

Obama made a startling declaration recently:

In an interview with Laura Haim on Canal Plus, a French television station, Mr. Obama noted that the United States also could be considered as “one of the largest Muslim countries in the world.” He sought to downplay the expectations of the speech, but he said he hoped the address would raise awareness about Muslims.

I don't think that Obama meant it as it sounded, but it is another instance of Obama rivaling Biden in gaffes when he's off the teleprompter.

He should have said that America is a country with a significant Islamic population, but the way he said it makes it sound like America is dominated by Islamic laws and Muslims.

This new "smart diplomacy" of Obama needs a re-education.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Another Democrat That Owes Back Taxes, Kerry '04 Campaign Owes $800 K

Just another tax and spend liberal Democrat that doesn't like to pay their own taxes:

The Internal Revenue Service has filed a tax lien seeking more than $800,000 from Sen. John Kerry's 2004 presidential campaign, escalating a dispute over payroll taxes that the lawmaker's office blames on faulty government paperwork.

The episode has left a candidate who fell just a few percentage points short of winning the White House trying to convince the government's tax collector that his campaign already paid the taxes and doesn't owe any more.

The IRS filed the lien in the District of Columbia earlier this year, claiming that a previous attempt to collect the money was unsuccessful. "We have made a demand for payment of this liability, but it remains unpaid," the tax filing stated.

Where is Shuster with his Hypocrisy Watch now?

Chicago Appellate Court Upholds City's Gun Ban

Liberal judicial activists have upheld the unconstitutional law that made guns of any type illegal in Chicago:

A Chicago ordinance banning handguns and automatic weapons within city limits was upheld by a U.S. Court of Appeals panel, which rejected a challenge by the National Rifle Association.

The unanimous three-judge panel ruled today that a U.S. Supreme Court decision last year, which recognized an individual right to bear arms under the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment, didn’t apply to states and municipalities.

Again, liberal judges made the argument that the second amendment doesn't apply to states:

The unanimous three-judge panel ruled today that a U.S. Supreme Court decision last year, which recognized an individual right to bear arms under the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment, didn’t apply to states and municipalities.

“The Supreme Court has rebuffed requests to apply the second amendment to the states,” U.S. Circuit Judge Frank Easterbrook wrote, upholding lower court decisions last year to throw out suits against Chicago and its suburb of Oak Park, Illinois.

This case shows how dangerous for the second amendment it would be to have judicial activists in our courts. Sotomayor, Obama's Supreme Court pick, seems to have the same judicial beliefs as the appellate court in Chicago.

Obama Contemplates Inviting Iranian Officials to July 4th White House Cookout

Obama is up to his appeasing ways again:

In a new overture to Iran, the Obama administration has authorized U.S. embassies around the world to invite Iranian officials to Independence Day parties they host on or around July 4th.

A State Department cable sent to all U.S. embassies and consulates late last week said that U.S. diplomats could ask their Iranian counterparts to attend the festivities, which generally feature speeches about American values, fireworks, and, of course, hot dogs and hamburgers.

The notice said the posts "may invite representatives from the government of Iran" to the events, a State Department official said Tuesday, quoting from the document. The official spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss an internal communication.

Obama is paying more attention to being friends with Iran and Venezuela than England or Israel. What is wrong with that picture?

Israel is one of our closest allies and Obama wants to invite those who want to kill our friends over for beers and fireworks. Will Mahmoud Ahmadinejad join in the festivities? Will the Iranian leader who calls for the extinction of Israel sit down with the Appeaser-in-Chief for a couple of brewskis and a kosher hot dog?

This could become as big of a disaster as JFK's Vienna Summit meeting with Soviet leader Khrushchev where Kennedy came off looking like a wimp. Now, JFK was able to stand up to Soviet aggression in Berlin and Cuba, but does Obama want to follow in JFK's bad example of meetings with dictators without preconditions? According to what Obama said during the campaign, he just might.

Will General Motors, Chrysler Follow Amtrak's Lead of Government Corporate Takeovers?

As General Motors goes into bankruptcy and the government becomes 60% owner, parallels are being brought up between Amtrak and GM:

Some analysts say the federal government's effort to prop up the nation's largest auto manufacturer is eerily similar to a 40-year effort to revive the nation's ailing railroad system. Billions of taxpayer dollars later, Amtrak still needs the government to survive -- and critics say General Motors appears to be headed down the same track.

"I see no hope whatsoever for the situation," said Wendell Cox, a policy consultant who sat on the government-appointed Amtrak Reform Council a decade ago and draws parallels to the GM intervention today.

Amtrak could be a winner in America today, if the government wasn't doing its usual bang-up job of running things.

Why are we allowing Obama and the government to be the new de facto CEO of GM? Obama hasn't ever been an executive of any businesses, and the government has a horrible track record with such takeovers?

Obama Chastises US Ally Israel, Still Still Silent Regarding N. Korea

While Kim Jong-Il is putting on a fireworks display, Obama is chastising Israel for not bending over and signing their nation away to the Palestinians:

President Obama indicated on Monday that he would be more willing to criticize Israel than previous administrations have been, and he reiterated his call for a freeze of Israeli settlements.

"Part of being a good friend is being honest," Mr. Obama said in an interview with NPR News. "And I think there have been times where we are not as honest as we should be about the fact that the current direction, the current trajectory, in the region is profoundly negative, not only for Israeli interests but also U.S. interests.

"We do have to retain a constant belief in the possibilities of negotiations that will lead to peace," he added. "I've said that a freeze on settlements is part of that."

While there might be times where we might need to stand up to an ally of the United States (Although, I don't think that this is one of them.), but should we chastise them while all but ignoring our enemies?

Robert Gates Warns N. Korea Against Further Aggression, Obama Says Very Little

North Korea has spent this past week brazenly testing new missles and nuclear weapons. Apparently, Obama's call for a day when the world will be without nukes didn't resonate with the Dear Leader. While Obama is busy spending my grandkids' money, Robert Gates has had very harsh words for N. Korea:

U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates warned North Korea on Saturday that the United States would respond quickly if moves by the communist government threaten America or its Asian allies.

"We will not stand idly by as North Korea builds the capability to wreak destruction on any target in Asia -- or on us," Gates said in prepared remarks to an annual international meeting of defense and security officials from Asia and the Pacific Rim.

It nice to see someone in the Obama administration stand up to the North Korean crackpot. Of course, it would be the one holdover from the Bush team.

My main question is where is President Obama during all of this? Why isn't he speaking out against Kim's threats against not only South Korea but the US as well. If a madman is threatening our men and women stationed in South Korea and possibly Hawaii and Alaska, I would expect our president to protect us like Bush did for the last 7 years. People may have not like some of his tactics, but they worked.

It is no coincidence that the Dear Leader waited until Obama was in office to start making these kind of threats. After all, it was predicted by Biden before the election that the despots of the world would test him. This is Obama's major six-month exam.