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Friday, August 21, 2009

New Jersey Suburb Considering Taking Away Citizens' Right By Enacting Curfew for Adults

Government officials in the New Jersey suburb of Paterson are considering to "implement a curfew" for everyone, adults and children alike, in the town to combat violence that has erupted in the town, if the law is passed next month::

Seeking to curb violence after a spate of deadly summer shootings, Paterson officials are considering an unusual ordinance that would prevent people of all ages from gathering outside in public late at night.

The measure could be the nation's first citywide, non-emergency curfew to include adults, several experts said.

"We're trying to think outside the box," said Mayor Jose Torres. "This was triggered predominantly by fear among city residents over the shootings that have been occurring this summer."

Actually, he trying to think outside the Constitution. The first amendment gives us the right to peacefully assemble at any time not just in the day.

He gives the recent shootings as a reason to take away his citizens rights. However, there have been a fewer amount of murders and shootings, overall, than they did last year. Why is it more important to do this now than before? This is a huge violation of our basic rights.

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