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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Comedy Gold: Gloria Allred Chastises Tebow Pro-Life Ad For Not Including "All The Facts", Megyn Kelly Exposes Her Hypocrisy

Gloria Allred is all in a huff about the Tim Tebow pro-life ad that will air during the Super Bowl because they didn't mention that abortions were illegal, when Tebow's mother decided to have the 2007 Heisman winner despite the fact that it would endanger her own life and will go after CBS, if the end up airing the ad. However, Gloria, apparently, didn't do any research herself because, as Megyn Kelly points out it was legal in the Philippines, if the mother's life was in danger, which it was. Plus, she torched on Allred's attempt at violating Tebow and his mother's right of free speech. You can tell by the venom coming out of Ms. Allred that she clearly despises anyone that would dare to challenge the sanctity of abortion would be willing to violate people's free speech to protect it. Even though she claims that she is respects abortion opponents free speech, she says that she will "go after" CBS, if they air it. How is that respecting the Tebow's and CBS' free speech rights, if she goes after people for saying something that she doesn't agree with and tries to stop them from saying it? It just boggles the mind.

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