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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Jerry Brown and Chris Mathews Talk Down to Voters During Hardball Interview

Jerry Brown, who is the Democrat that is running against Meg Whitman in the California gubernatorial election, was on Chris Mathews’ Hardball program. During the interview, both Mathews and Brown had some derogatory things to say about the right. While this, on its own, is not really shocking news, it is still noteworthy.

From the beginning, Mathews called Meg Whitman an outsider. At about the 1:36 mark, Mathews calls Whitman, along with Dubya and Palin, "know-nothings" especially about government. He goes to insult Americans by questioning why the hell they would ever vote for Bush:

What is it in the American psyche or character that says that if you don't know anything you're somehow an average person or average guy, and you have horsesense. What is about people that they keep picking people like George W Bush to be president? And you see someone like Sarah Palin have fans. Why would anybody like somebody who the campaign manager for John McCain said, "She doesn't know anything."? Why is not knowing anything; why is the know-nothing candidate like Meg Whitman, a person who doesn't have any government experience, have the appeal to be even with you in the polls, the person who doesn't know anything about government?

Listening to the video you can really hear the venom come out of Mathews’ mouth as he spits the name Bush and Palin.

Mathews continues to show his disdain for the everyday Californian by calling them amateurs and wondering if letting them vote on specific issues is really a good thing? After all, most people can’t be as smart as the politicians are. So, we can’t possibly know what is good for us. Right, Chris?:

The people of California haven't had alot of faith in politicians over the last 20-30 years. They've gotten their fingers in actual legislature, not just saying who should do it but doing it themselves...Has that been good for California, all this effort to keep refining and refining and messing with it as amatuers? Has it been a good political system for California?

The real gem comes from Jerry Brown at about 6:15:

Don't you just say that unions are a powerful force. Wall St. destroyed $11 Trillion worth of wealth. That's pretty powerful. No union could ever do that. (M-Yeah, I know) Then, there is the teabaggers. There is the Chamber of Commerce. (M-giggles)

Now, Chris did ask a good question about unions there, and but Brown quickly dismissed that question and changed the topic to those who he really blames for the recession. All Mathew can say about that is, “Yeah, I know”. First of all, unions have destroyed the auto industry in Detroit, which in turn helped tank the market. That is an over trillion dollar industry in itself. So, unions are just as influential in the long run as the evil stock brokers are.

Second, TEABAGGERS?!? Really? Haven’t the Democrats gotten past using juvenile insults, yet? I guess not. Of course, Chris doesn’t challenge him on that he only giggles like a junior high school boy.

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