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Friday, July 16, 2010

Kaptain Kickass channeled Sergeant Smartass

While in Holland, Michigan at the ribbon-cutting of a Korean electric battery plant, yesterday, Kaptain Kickass channeled Sergeant Smartass:

Obama couldn’t even get his manners right. Ever the partisan, he took a shot at his host, Holland Congressional representative Pete Hoekstra who was in the audience. Despite opposing the Recovery Act, Hoekstra attended the ground-breaking ceremony, he told The View, “out of respect for the office of president.”

The respect was not returned. "Some made the political calculation that it's better to obstruct than to lend a hand,” sneered Obama at the end of his remarks. “Now that doesn't stop them from being at ribbon cuttings, but that's OK."

Of course, while there he used the opportunity to show people that the country is in the right track, at least according to him. This is kind of ridiculous considering this:

West Michigan is suffering 12 percent unemployment yet President “Audacity of Hope” had the audacity to suggest that the stimulus “efforts we took we are no longer bleeding jobs." In fact, since his $1 trillion Recovery Act was passed a year ago, Michigan has lost nearly 100,000 jobs.

Don’t let inconvenient facts get in the way of a good talking point.

HT to The Anchoress

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