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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Another Poll That David Axelrod and Obama Will Ignore: Democrats Fall Heavily on Economic Support

On Economic Issues, Voter Trust in Democrats Is Falling Democrats are still trusted more than Republicans to handle the economy by a 44% to 39% margin, but their advantage on the issue has been slipping steadily since November.

In the first poll conducted after Barack Obama was elected president, the Democrats held a 15-point lead over the GOP on economic issues. In December, their lead dropped to 12 points. In January, prior to Obama's inauguration, Democrats held a nine-point lead on the issue.

Support for the $800-billion-plus economic stimulus plan put forth by President Obama and congressional Democrats has fallen over the past month. Although the plan has passed the House and the Senate, the overwhelming majority of voters are not confident that Congress knows what it's doing with regards to the economy . The Senate and House versions of the stimulus plan will now be the subject of a joint conference to work out a package that both chambers can agree on.

A separate survey released today showed that 67% of voters think they could do a better job than Congress on handling the current economic crisis.

When it comes to taxes, voters say they trust the GOP more by a 44% to 41%, after the parties were tied on the issue in January. Related polling on the stimulus package showed that most voters wanted to see a plan with more tax cuts and less government spending.


My Thoughts
How much do you bet that this will be totally ignored by the Democrats? They were all over the one Gallup poll that favored them. However, they ignore the many more against them.

The GOP is making a major comeback in all of the major issues that is most important to people today.

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