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Monday, March 30, 2009

Biden Pleads With Europeans "Give Us A Chance"

'Give us a chance,' Biden tells G20 protesters
Mar 28 01:38 PM US/Eastern

US Vice President Joe Biden on Saturday called for tens of thousands of protesters already on the streets of Europe ahead of a G20 summit next week to give governments a chance to tackle the economic crisis.

"I would hope that the protesters give us a chance, listen to what we have to say and hopefully we can make it clear to them that we're going to walk away from this G20 meeting with some concrete proposals," Biden said at a news conference after a meeting of center-left politicians in Chile.

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My Thoughts

The problem with Biden's plea is that the people of Europe have heard the socialist propaganda for decades. They see where it takes them, and it is not success and prosperity. It will stifle growth and keep their economy figuratively stuck in the mud with their wheels spinning in vain. They are tired of it.

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