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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

HHS Nominee Has Ties With Late-term Abortion Doctor

AP Ignores Notorious Abortionist’s Ties to Obama Nominee By Matthew Philbin
March 16, 2009 - 14:50 ET

A notorious abortion doctor that specializes in grisly late-term procedures is heading to trial at the same time a politician he contributed to and socialized with is awaiting confirmation as President Obama’s Health and Human Services Secretary. Interesting story? Not to the Associated Press.

AP writer Roxana Hegeman wrote on March 14 about the trial of Dr. George Tiller, which began on March 16. “Tiller is charged with 19 misdemeanors alleging he failed to obtain the required second opinion from an independent physician that a late-term abortion is necessary,” she wrote. “If convicted, the Wichita physician could face a year in the county jail or a fine of $2,500 for each charge.”

Hegeman sketched Tiller’s notoriety, saying “Tiller and his Wichita clinic have been regular targets of anti-abortion demonstrations, including the 45-day "Summer of Mercy" event staged by Operation Rescue in 1991. His clinic was damaged by a pipe bomb in 1986, and in 1993 a protester shot him in both arms.”

But she left out an interesting and timely bit of information. Tiller and his wife donated a $12,450 in campaign contributions to Kathleen Sebelius when “she was running and serving as the state’s insurance commissioner.” Later, as governor of Kansas, Sebelius hosted the couple at a reception in the governor’s mansion. The source for this information? The AP itself.

Sebelius is a pro-abortion Catholic whose bishop has asked not to receive communion. Obama’ HHS nominee is a favorite of the pro-abortion lobby, having struck down several Kansas bills that would place mild restrictions on abortion.


My Thoughts

This is a sign that the most pro-abortion president in American history and a very strong pro-abortion HHS secretary will put forth bill like the Freedom of Choice Act which will make available on demand with no regard to the life of the baby at all.

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