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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Change We Can Believe In? Obama Has Higher Disapproval Than Any Other President Going Into Their 2nd Year Evah

Well, it's definitely official, now. Obama's honeymoon with most of the American people is over. This does not bode well for Obama's agenda:

President Obama’s job approval in the January 2-4 Gallup Daily tracking was the second lowest in the modern era for Presidents starting their second year in office. Obama opened the new year with a 50%-44% job approval rating which was marginally higher than President Reagan’s 49%-40% rating at the start of 1982, but lower than the ratings held by both President Carter and President Clinton at the start of their second years.

Obama’s humdrum approval rating is undoubtedly causing anxiety and sleepless nights in the White House and in Democratic Party circles. An underwhelming approval rating not only diminishes support for Obama’s legislative agenda (see Reform, Health Care), it also has implications for House Democrats’ electoral fortunes. As Glen Bolger detailed in his post last week, a President’s job approval has a significant effect on his party’s gains or losses in the mid-term House elections. At 50%, Obama’s approval rating sits at the tipping point at which incumbent party losses in the House go from bad to worse.

One thing that this post doesn't point out is the disapproval ratings. It is the highest of any other US president since they started doing presidential approval polls during FDR's presidency. It looks like the low approval of his stimulus bill, health reform and cap-and-tax proposals have caught up to his rhetoric and charisma. Feel the hope and change.

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