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Thursday, March 5, 2009

One of Many Examples of Higher Taxes Equaling Less Jobs and the Democratic Attack on the American Dream

Letters to the editor

March 3, 2009

'Class warfare' shots

I have employed about 50 people during the last 20 years, and my family's taxable income is about $300,000. In order to avoid paying a higher percentage of taxes on all of my income, I will decrease output, lay off some staff and still end up keeping the same amount.

I have no incentive to hire people or expand my business, because the more I make, the more President Obama will take to expand government. This discourages expansion of the private sector. It will backfire with disastrous consequences for all.

It is repulsive that Obama is being allowed to take this country backward by pickpocketing the very people who run the private sector through their energy, money and creativity.

Kay Santos

Diamond Bar


My Thoughts

Kay took the words right out of my mouth. This is not from the Ted Turner, Donald Trump, and Bill Gates of the world. This is your normal, everyday small business owner trying to make it in this already tough economy. She is a part of the "mom and pop" backbone that built this economy up to where it is now. If Obama and the Democrats succeed in raising taxes on small businesses like the Diamond Bar, it will crush a devastating blow to the American Dream and our economy.

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