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Friday, July 24, 2009

Dallas: Anti-Obamacare Protesters Attract At Least Quadruple Pro-Obamacare MoveOn Protesters at Rally member and spokeswoman, Paula Anderson, found a big surprise when her and her band of around 30 merry protesters showed up at Senator Cornyn's Dallas office to pressure the Republican Texas Senator to back Obamacare:

Local members had penciled in on today's schedule a protest in front of Senator John Cornyn's Spring Valley Road office, during which they had hoped to pressure the senator to support President Barack Obama's public health care legislation.

But when Paula Anderson, a member and spokeswoman, showed up at 11:30 a.m., she found another contingent had beat her to the proverbial punch: A large number of Dallas Tea Party members were already set up, voicing their opposition to the proposal. Anderson was stunned: "We really did not expect them to show up." She estimated the crowd at about 130. "From our perspective we took names of everyone there, and we had about 30 people," she told Unfair Park. "And I would assume they maybe had 100."

Exactly how many each side had is an open debate as there isn't any official head count. The general feeling is MoveOn had somewhere around 20-30 protesters, and the TEA partiers had 200-300 protesters. Obviously, it varies on which side you ask.

In the grand scheme of things, the exact number is irrelevant. The main point is MoveOn barely mustered a small fraction of support than the TEA party coalition could. According to Rasmussen, support for Obama has fallen under 50% for the first time in his presidency. Support for his actual policies are even lower. His honeymoon with America is long over. Now, people are waking up from thinking they elected another Bill Clinton to realizing they, actually, elected another Jimmy Carter.

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