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Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine (D) Is Not Shy About Showing His Obama Love

Democratic New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine introduced "The One" today and didn't hold back showing his man crush to the whole world:

Introduced by Corzine as "our greatest president in this 21st century," Obama stuck up for the embattled Democratic governor, saying Corzine had been "tested by the worst recession in half a century"

That is a bit misleading considering that there has been only two presidents so far this century, and Obama, himself, has only been in office for six months. So, there isn't much of a track record to compare to Bush accurately.

This is a bit risky for Corzine because he is in a tight battle with the Republican Christopher Christie. In fact, Christie has been leading most of the polls recently even though New Jersey is generally heavily Democratic and virtually unwinnable for the GOP in statewide elections. Obama's personal popularity is still high, but his job approval numbers have plummeted and policy approval ratings have mostly tanked as well. So, Obama it could end up hurting in the long run, if Obama's numbers continues to drop like a stone like they have over the last few weeks.

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