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Thursday, July 30, 2009

With Obama's Poll Numbers Tanking, Hillary Clinton Keeps Her Election Team On Stand-by

Over the last few weeks, Obama has been hitting new record lows approval number almost every day. His stimulus bill was very unpopular and getting more so everyday as it's ineffectiveness has become well known, and Obamacare and Cap-and-Tax are heading in the same direction. With all of this negative momentum, Hillary is quietly keeping the bulls-eye on Obama for 2012:

Hillary Clinton says running for office isn't on her "radar," but she still has an eight-person political team and sports two overflowing campaign war chests.

Her team transformed the former Democratic White House contender's massive campaign debts into a $3 million mountain of political cash, according to federal fund-raising records through the end of June.

Clinton's failed presidential bid is now $1 million in the black, and her old Senate campaign committee has $2.1 million in the bank, much of it transferred in from the presidential account.

With his numbers falling faster than a mobster swimming with cement boots on, Hillary is keeping the possiblility of another run at the White House within grasp. I don't blame her Obama's blood is starting to get into the water, and she's looking to take advantage, if given the chance. Her ambition is well-known, and I don't believe for one minute that she ever has taken her eyes off that prize. Obama's "Team of Rivals" are going to implode, if things continue as they have.

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