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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Did Obama Just Imply That More Goverment in Healthcare Means Less Bureaucracy?

Something Obama said during a town-hall earlier today was very peculiar:

"(Cleveland Clinic) set up a system where patient care is the No. 1 concern, not bureaucracy, what forms have to be filled out, 'What do we get reimbursed for?"' Obama said. "Those are changes that I think the American people want to see."

Yes, Obama people want to see less bureaucracy and patient care to be #1, but what you are proposing won't lead to less bureaucracy.

This statement is a bit off an oxymoron when you consider that what Obama is proposing is at least a partial government takeover of the healthcare system. Have you ever hear of anything becoming less bureaucratic after government gets involved? I haven't. The inconvenient truth for Obama in this quote is that more government intervention never means less bureaucracy. It always means more red tape and paperwork. More people have to ok an expenditure when taxpayer money is involved.

Does Obama know how government programs work?

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