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Monday, September 28, 2009

Germany: Continues Its Push Right, Re-Elects Merkel & Her Christian Democratic Party

While the United States have been moving to the left towards the old European socialist model of government, the major European powers have been moving back to the conservative right. England and France has joined Germany as the European powers that is moving away from the more socialist model that America seems to be running to with the election of Obama.

Many believed that Europe's move to the right was a fluke, but Germany's latest election we find out that it might not be a fluke, after all::

Germans were deciding Sunday whether to return the nation's first woman chancellor to a second term in office following a lackluster election campaign centered largely on economic issues and a rash of last-minute threats by Islamic extremists.

Chancellor Angela Merkel is hoping enough of the nation's 62.2 million eligible voters will support her conservative Christian Democratic Party to allow them to form a center-right coalition with their favored partners, the Free Democrats.

This has thrown the country's left in turmoil as they have seen their membership dwindle:

Despite its predicted status as the third-strongest party, both the Christian and Social Democrats have ruled out a coalition with the Left, which burst onto the political spectrum in 2005 after ex-Communists banded together with defectors from the Social Democrats, disenchanted by their party's swing to the center.

The Social Democrats, in power since 1998, are facing historical lows. Many analysts have argued they could benefit from a period in opposition that would let them regroup.

Will America follow suit? The popularity of the liberal, socialist policies have continued to fall throughout the summer and into the autumn months. Republicans have consistantly led in the major 2009 elections, New Jersey and Virginia gubernatorial races, throughout the year. Most of the 2010 projections show gains for Republicans, as well. It doesn't look good for the Democrats.

I continue to hold hope in my heart that we will change back to our conservative roots.

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