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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Obama Takes Credit For "Improving" Economy While Unemployment Rises to Just Below 10%

Obama is trying to take credit for an "improving" economy, according to the Washington Post, that is still struggling and far from out of the woods of recession:

President Obama on Saturday continued his administration's careful efforts to take credit for the slowly improving economy, using his radio address to tout the economic turnaround since world leaders met in London in April.

He goes on:

"Because of the steps taken by our nation and all nations, we can now say that we have stopped our economic freefall," the president said in the address, which is broadcast on the radio and the internet.

Now, unemployment keeps on creeping toward the dreaded 10% mark nationally (9.7% as of August), and states like California and Oregon reach the obscene number of 12.2% unemployed last month. Forty-two states have, also, lost jobs, since the end of July.

If this is "improving" according to the Washington Post, I would hate to see what the economy would look like for them to admit that it's declining under Obama..

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