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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Obama Erases Bush's Twittering Past

Believe it or not Obama Obama wasn't the first president to use Twitter:

Barack Obama 's Webheads are getting ready to launch a new Twitter feed for President Change. But the White House already had a Twitter account. It has disappeared down the memory hole.

Given the widespread belief that Obama invented the Internet, many will scoff at the idea that the Bush White House had a Twitter account. But it did -- and the administration handed over at noon on Inauguration Day, just like it did with the website . Google still has the old account, with Obama's tweets, in its cache.

Actually, Al Gore invented the internet. Obama just perfected the use of it.

Obama didn't just take over the account:

Obama's Twitterers didn't just change the username on the account ; they started fresh, wiping out all of the White House's existing Twitter followers, and the entire archive of messages.

I hope there aren't any presidential historians or high school students for that matter who want to do research on how the presidents used the new media. They would be SOL to find anything related to Bush's Twittering not because he didn't do it but because Obama had the audacity to pretend that there was no other president before him.

What was the purpose of deleting all of the Bush era tweets, followers, etc? The only reason I can think of is spite and hatred for Dubya.

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