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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Obama Kept Mum on Heathcare During Main School Speech, Before Speech Not So Much

Obama was getting chastised for using students for political gain or "liberal brainwashing". I have to give him credit. He's not that stupid to do it in front of a camera with millions watching, it would of been political suicide, if he had. However, while the Anointed One refrained from politicizing the main speech to school children, he couldn't resist from doing it altogether:

Although the president avoided controversial topics in his speech, he did promote health care reform in a face-to-face discussion at Wakefield High School. Asked by a student how he stays motivated to do his job, Obama replied that his staff gives him 10 letters every day from “ordinary folks.”

“Some of the stories are really depressing,” Obama told the 40 freshman, who were chosen to meet with the president during freshman orientation, according to school officials.

“You hear about people who are sick but don't have health care, and suddenly they get a bill for $100,000, and there's no way they can pay for it, and they're about to lose their house. And you’re just reminded that the country is full of really good people who sometimes are going through a hard time,” Obama said.  “They just need a break.  They need a little bit of help.  Maybe the way things are set up right now isn't always fair for people, and that motivates you, because you say, well, I can't make everything perfect, I can't prevent somebody from getting sick, but maybe I can make sure that they've got insurance so that when they do get sick, they're going to get some help.”

He answered a question that had nothing to do with healthcare at all by peddling his ideas to a bunch of kids. He had to have broken his back to stretch for that answer that would open the door for healthcare talk.

I'm not saying that he said anything in the main speech that was bad. In fact, it was quite good and inspiring. However, he should have kept quiet about policy to minors who can't even vote anyway.

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