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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Arkansas: Bill Clinton Threw Unions Under the Bus While Campaigning For Lincoln

Welcome to the Twilight Zone:

Witness, if you will, Unions seem to have lost favor with some of the more high-profile Democrats. Bill Clinton even threw the unions under the bus in a stump speech for Blanche Lincoln that Lincoln turned into a campaign ad:

Here is an article from the Washington Post, it says “Some national unions made a decision a few months ago, that they wanted to make Senator Blanche Lincoln the quote “poster child” for what happens when a Democrat crosses them. This is about using you and manipulating your votes. If you want to be Arkansas’s advocate, vote for somebody who will fight for you. Vote for Blanche Lincoln.

According to Politico, this isn't just a case of a moderate Democrat trying to get elected in a red-state in a very Republican-friendly political climate. Democrats, such as Andrew Cuomo from New York, have joined in on the dog-pile of the unpopularity of the labor machine.

I believe that this started brewing ever since the near-collapse of the car industry in Detroit. Polls after the bailout of Detroit showed that almost around half of Americans blamed the unions, a close second to the corporate executives of the flailing companies. Many people have begun to see the unions for what they truly are: a parasite on that is slowly sapping the vitality out of our economy.

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