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Thursday, June 24, 2010

US Rep Kanjorski (D-PA) Says Unemployment Benefits Are For "Average, Good" Americans Not Minorities or Defective People

US Rep. Paul Kanjorski had some very interesting additions to the normal Democratic points that I other Congressmen like Senator Whitehouse so eloquently spelled out for us, yesterday. Apparently, minorities and “defective” people are not “average , good American people, and the unemployment benefits weren’t meant for them. I've been trying to embed the video for the past two hours, and it won't go. I give up. You can find it here.

What is up with Democrats from Pennsylvania? Why does everyone says that the Democratic party is the party for minorities and all racists are Republicans? Probably, it is because the mainstream media will hide it just like they will bury this. There is a lot of racism buried in the Democratic party. There are just better at hiding it and pretending that it doesn’t exist.


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