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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Turkish PM: You Know Who Israel Reminds Me Of? Nazi Germany, Of Course

You can say this about the prime minister of Turkey: his recent opinions on Israel aren't luke warm or ambiguous in the least:

Mr. Erdogan continued to raise the temperature of Turkey's dispute with Israel over the weekend. In a speech in Bursa, a city about 80 kilometers south of Istanbul, Mr. Erdogan said the world now perceives "the swastika and the Star of David together."

This continues to show how deep that the hatred between the Muslims and the Jews run. After all, even the leader of the allegedly most moderate of the Islamic dominated countries spews this kind of bile towards the state of Israel.

This is beyond insulting to Israel. The fact that Israel was recreated in response to the atrocities that Nazi Germany put the Jewish people through, thousands of Jews fled the Nazis, and that around 6 million Jews died at the hands of the Nazis seems to be completely lost on Prime Minister Erdogen.

Of course, I've heard little condemnation of this statement by anyone in the media or the Obama administration. More has been said of Helen Thomas' equally venomous comments than of PM Erdogen's. When will we start holding the leaders of the Muslim nations as accountable for their actions and words as we hold Israel accountable?

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