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Friday, December 10, 2010

Daily Caller: Is ObamaCare Biased Against Men?

Daily Caller has reported that it seems that ObamaCare favors the fairer sex, when it comes to the kind of health care that they cover. Say it ain’t so:

Of the many new boards, agencies, and programs the law creates, those implemented for the benefit of women are among the most common, a fact some say renders the law inherently unequal.

There are at least 7 new agencies and departments devoted solely to women while there is not one office for men or male specific ailments.

Men’s health advocates long have pushed for an Office of Men’s Health to act as a companion to the Office on Women’s Health, established in 1991. Instead of rectifying that disparity, the new health care law intensified it.

Diana Furchtgott-Roth, a senior fellow at Hudson Institute, has been critical of Obama’s gender policies, charging that his administration has pushed initiatives that favor women over men. According to Roth, the health care bill was no different.

I’m not a medical expert. So, I’m not sure what the ratio should be, but 7-0 seems to be a bit uneven. I believe that women should have more devoted to them because the medical issues that affect women only do outnumber men, but there are quite a few diseases and other medical issues that men have to worry about, too. So, the number should be far from zero.

Why would they be so blatent in their preference for women? Political expedience, of course:

“[The women’s] lobby is very well funded, active and vocal. It is really paradoxical because women in many ways are doing better than men, so for example, if you do a search in the health care bill there is not one mention of ‘prostate’ and are over 40 mentions of ‘breast’ and men are tax payers, they should get equal health treatment,” Roth told The Daily Caller.

Hadley Heath, health care policy analyst at the Independent Women’s Forum, said that women got more consideration because it was politically expedient.

“Women came out big in 2008, and they were a very big voting bloc for [Obama],” Heath told TheDC. “Women as voters really care about health care, health reform because we often make decisions for ourselves, our families and dependents about health care. So clearly this is an issue that is important to women, women are important as voters to any politician.

This disreprency would have a huge affect on the quality of care for men in this country:

Roth stressed that the high number of women’s agencies and lack of corresponding men’s offices was not just a symbolic display of inequality, but one that would have real world repercussions, namely in the distribution of research funding.

“What is interesting is that all these offices for women in the health care bill, that generates grants for research of women’s health issues,” Roth said. “So it is not just that they have those offices, but those offices are accompanied by pots of money for research. So it means that they are skewing the research in favor of women over men.”

The big research grants and the best scientists are most often going to go where the money is. As a result of all of the new agencies that will be created, much more money from the government will be funnelled into these programs that are for women only. Therefore, since these programs will have a huge budget to work with, more cures and new treatments will be discovered for women rather than men. In the short and long run, this would greatly diminish the quality of care for half of Americans.

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