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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Twice As Many Americans Disagree With Extending Unemployment Benefits Than Agree

This seems to fly in the face regarding to Obama's claim that Americans are with him on the issues:

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that nearly half (49%) of adults, in fact, think providing unemployment benefits for 99 weeks increases the number of people who remain unemployed. Just 28% disagree, while another 23% are not sure.

Unemployed Americans are now eligible for up to 99 weeks of combined state and federal unemployment benefits because of emergency legislation passed by Congress. This legislation is now up for renewal. But 41% think 99 weeks for benefits is too long, while 16% say it’s too short a period. Thirty-four percent (34%) feel the benefits period is about right.

Perhaps one reason for the skepticism about the lengthy benefits arrangement is the finding that 58% of adults think it is possible for anyone with a college degree and willing to work to find a job within 99 weeks. Only 22% don’t think it’s possible for someone like that to find employment in a nearly two-year period. One-in-five (20%) are undecided.

He may have more of an argument regarding the upper-end tax hikes, but even then, Obama only has a very slight advantage over the GOP on the issue. However, most of the issues aren't that close.

This doesn't bode well for Obama and the Democrats, if he continues with the thinking that the American people are by-in-large on his side. They aren't, and last month's election should have proved that to the Democrats resoundingly. Unfortunately, they still haven't heard you. Americans will just have to talk louder in two years, if he doesn't wise-up by 2012.

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