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Thursday, December 2, 2010

House Passes "Chicken Crap" Tax Bill That Will Likely Die in Senate, Update :Max Baucus St to Introduce His Own "Chicken Crap" Bill in Senate

Here's John Boehner expressing his displeasure with the bill that Pelosi introduced and was passed by the House. The vote was split largely on partisan lines:

This "chicken crap" bill was just a form of posturing and a drawing a line in the sand by outgoing Speaker Pelosi. The Republicans in the Senate and maybe some moderate Democrats will no doubt filibuster this to death in the Senate, and Pelosi knows it and did anyway:

This bill is as dead in the Senate as the Democrats’ chances are of taking back Congress in 2012, but Madam Speaker wants to remind her base that she’ll be fightin’ for the cause next year after having led the party to utter ruin last month, so here she is forcing a meaningless vote to give Democrats a few days of “party of the rich” talking points. I wonder if, when the inevitable deal is struck extending all the cuts temporarily, she’ll be willing to bring that new bill to the floor or if she’ll refuse out of spite and force Boehner to do it himself when he takes the gavel next year. That’ll be a bureaucratic hassle for taxpayers and the IRS, but Nancy’s got to prove her worth somehow.

Basically, Pelosi just wasted everyone's time, today, so she can get some good talking points for 2012. What she needed to do is focus on a bill that she knows will pass both the House AND Senate.


I just saw this, right after I hit post. It looks like Sen Max Baucus is set to introduce a similar bill in the Senate, but as I said before, it has very little chance of passing.

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