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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Good News: Alvin Greene Mulling Over 2012 Presidential Run, Releases Comic Book

Put this in the ridiculous file:

Alvin Greene, the quirky former South Carolina Senate candidate, added additional hype to his potential bid for president earlier this week when he upped the likelihood of a run from "I'll have to see," to "I'm seriously considering."

Not everyone is excited about the idea of this scenario.

"I am at a loss for words to describe this new development," wrote S.C. Senate Democratic Caucus director Phil Bailey according to the Columbia Free Times.

But it's possible that Bailey and other Democrats will be able to save their words, because Greene is hinting that he might not mount a campaign affiliated with their party.

"I don't know which party I'll run in as a candidate," he told the Times. "I'm thinking about that."

I honestly don't know what to say. He is obviously addicted to the spotlight and the attention, now. He received a small taste of it this past election, and now, he wants more. Another possibility, is that he is crazy. He definitely didn't seem all there in a few of his interviews.

To see some of this comedy gold click here for his interview with MSNBC's Olbermann and O’Donnell.

I fully expect see more comedy gold like this coming over the next year or two, if Greene does decide to throw his hat into the race.

But wait!!! It gets even better:

Like most candidates in the planning stages of a presidential bid, Greene has recently published a book, though it doesn’t follow the traditional biographical format. He promoted the book to reporters during his election night party in Manning.

The book, titled “Alvin Greene – Ultimate Warrior,” is a comic book and aims to re-frame portions of the candidate’s biography that appeared in the press throughout his campaign.

Instead of being involuntarily discharged from the Army for lacking the skills necessary to remain a serviceman, as the Associated Press reported, in the comic-book version Greene is pushed out for trying to expose that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

And while official reports allege Greene had shown pornographic material to a college girl on the University of South Carolina campus, the comic-book version instead shows Greene being set up by a shadow government because he was a threat to the military industrial complex.

Greene indicated to Free Times that there might be more literature about him to come.

“The preliminary comic book is out,” Greene says. “So maybe [another book will] be something in the nature of like the Ultimate Warrior again or something.”

Alvin Greene has really become a parody of himself. Hasn't he? This guy definitely needs to be checked in to the Rubber Room Hotel, if he really believes what he put in his comic book.

No one takes him seriously anymore. Hopefully, the media has learned better and will totally ignore him this go around, but then again, they always do like a train-wreck.

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