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Monday, November 29, 2010

Liz Cheney: N Korea Is Bush's Fault, Flashback: Bush Isn't the Only Former Pres That Had Issues With N Korea

While Obama and most of the other prominent Democrats have blamed everything that is wrong in this country on Dubya, Republicans have not join in the chorus. However, with the flare up in tensions on the Korean Peninsula, some have started to put some blame on the former Republican president:

Appearing on "Fox News Sunday" this weekend, former State Department official Liz Cheney joined that chorus when she said,

"I do think what we have seen [in North Korea] is an example of how provocative American weakness can be. And I think that unfortunately it is policy of weakness that has expanded back into the Bush administration -- into the last years of the Bush administration. . . . We have seen time and time again North Korea -- if they test a nuclear weapon, there are no consequences. . . . And what they have learned is that their belligerence, in fact, oftentimes yields from us capitulation and concessions."

Putting some blame on Bush is valid, but only mentioning Bush's mistakes isn't entirely fair. Bill Clinton, also, had his mistakes, when it came to handling N Korea's mentally unstable "Dear Leader".

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