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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What Could Go Wrong? Amtrak to Allow Guns on Trains

While TSA is turning the airport into a police state, Amtrak is going in the opposite direction:

WASHINGTON, Nov. 30 (UPI) -- Amtrak says it will allow passengers to bring guns on most trains, matching air travel rules allowing unloaded firearms to be stored in locked luggage bins.

The new policy, urged by gun rights advocates and mandated by Congress, will go into effect Dec. 15, the Sacramento (Calif.) Bee reported Tuesday.

Federal Homeland Security officials said as long as security protocols are enforced guns on trains are allowable.

"It's deemed safe and appropriate," federal Transportation Security Administration spokesman Nico Melendez said. "If people follow the rules, it's pretty simple."

Gun owners must let Amtrak know of their intention to bring guns aboard trains that have checked baggage service 24 hours in advance.

Unloaded firearms must be in hard-sided cases and will be kept in train lockers, Amtrak says.

Depending on the security that they're going to have guarding the lockboxes, this could be ok, or it could go very wrong. There is always the chance that the security can be compromised. This would blow up in their faces, if terrorists use this to their advantage.

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