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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rep-Elect Col. West (R-FL): We Have to Cut Military Spending

While on Top Line, Rep-Elect and retired Lieutenant Colonel Allen West (R-FL) echoed what his fellow Tea Party endorsed Rep-Elect Rand Paul said last week, when he said that we should definitely cut the military budget:

This is coming from a well-decorated officer. He should definitely know what he's talking about, when it comes to what the military needs. His opinion will carry alot of weight in Congress.

This is, also, interesting that this is coming from two TEA party candidates. I can't find a recent poll on the subject, but this could have some support from the public, as long as it is done smartly and not to the detriment to our national security.

I agree that cuts to the military could be done without hurting our strength and should be looked into seriously. Although, this may have a hard time getting widespread support from the other Republicans. So, it may be a non-starter, for now, but could gain traction somewhere down the line.

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