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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Obama Master of the Obvious: You Know Maybe I Didn't Work With GOP Enough Over Last Two Years

Obama played the role of Captain Obvious, during the slurpee summit:

Obama and the Senate Republicans all described the talks as civil and frank. Rep. Eric Cantor of Virginia said he was encouraged that Obama acknowledged that he should have reached out more to Republicans in his first two years in office, and that Tuesday's meeting would be the first in a series of discussions on working together.

Boehner also said Obama conceded not spending enough time working with Republicans.

A senior administration official told CNN that Obama told the GOP leaders "he had to do better" and added, "the president is ready to do his part."

In remarks to reporters after the event, Obama said he already invited Republican and Democratic leaders to meet with him again several times in the future, including one summit at Camp David.

Obama didn't reach out enough to Republicans. Duh! Maybe, he's finally starting to understand, or he's just posturing. My bet is a little of both.

He's not going to be too accommodating to Republicans. Pelosi won't let him. However, he'll have to make some token consolations to Republicans. He knows that he'll be in huge trouble in 2012, if he stays on the far-left course that Pelosi has been heading down. He's has to start acting like the moderate, post-partisan president that he had campaigned to be, when he was running for the job, if wants to have any shot at being re-elected for a second term.

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