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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Louisiana Ranked #1 in Nation For Projected 2011 Job Growth

What a difference a conservative governor makes! A recent survey projects that Louisiana will top state in the US for job growth in the upcoming year:

Louisiana was ranked No. 1 in the nation in a recent survey measuring projected job growth in the first quarter of 2011.

Employer resource company Manpower Inc. recently released its Employment Outlook Survey. It has been publishing the survey, which polls employers across the country about their hiring plans, since 1962.

"This is great news for Louisiana, and we hope that it is also good news for Central Louisiana," said Jim Clinton, chief executive officer of Cenla Advantage Partnership. "Hopefully, it's a harbinger of a broader and deeper recovery for the state, the region and the nation."

"Since the beginning of the national recession, Louisiana's economy has outperformed the South and U.S. by any reasonable measure," said Louisiana Economic Development Secretary Stephen Moret. "Our state's job performance during the recession was far better than the South and U.S., and Louisiana has been growing jobs at a faster rate than the South and U.S. since the official end of the national recession in June 2009."

The spread between those businesses looking to increase staff is much higher than those who are looking to contract their staff levels are much wider than the national average:

In Louisiana, for example, 21 percent of employers surveyed planned to increase their staff, compared to 7 percent who planned to decrease, giving the state a net employment outlook of plus-14 percent.

The national net employment outlook, according to the survey, was plus-4 percent, with 14 percent planning to hire and 10 percent planning to cut.

As a general rule, red states
have fared the recession and weak economy better than blue states, and Louisiana hasn't been any different. Gov. Bobby Jindal has been doing a great job, so far, and his hard work is starting to pay off and bear fruit for Louisiana.

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