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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Reid: TEA Party Will Disappear, After Economy Improves

This came out yesterday, but I was out-and-about and on my phone all day. I couldn’t get to a PC, where I could pull up the embed link to add to the post. Fortunately, I was, finally, able to pull the embed link, once I got home.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) will be on Meet the Press tomorrow, and part of the interview has already been released, where he made a very interesting prediction about the future of the TEA Party:

Under normal circumstances, a third-party, independent movements do tend to fizzle over time, see Perotmania back in the mid-90’s. However, if Bernacke is right and it takes 4-5 years for us to see real improvement in the unemployment numbers, that could give the grassroots conservative movment some time to grow roots and become a sustainable lobby for many years to come.

Saying this will only further enrage those that are already upset at how he has governed this country, the TEA Party, and ensure that they have the desire to stick around longer. There was nothing to be gained for him to antagonize them. So, why did he do it? What was he thinking? He, arrogantly, was trying to trivialize them in the eyes of the electorate, but more people are sympathetic to the issues that are important to the TEA Party than are not. So, as long as the issues of high deficits, big government, high federal spending, and high unemployment are important, the TEA Party will be an important force to be reckoned with in the American political scene.

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