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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr to Unemployed: Please Send In Your Resumes, I Want to Use Them To "Dramatize" Issue

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr (D-IL), has put out a request for people that are unemployed to send in their resumes. Is there a job opening at his office? Does he need a new chief of staff? Dogwalker? No, he is looking to use those resumes to “put a face” on the unemployment crisis and to “dramatize” their plight:

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. wants unemployed Americans to send him their resumes. But the Illinois Democrat and son of the legendary civil rights leader isn't hiring or even offering to forward the resumes to those who are hiring. He just wants to "put a face on the job crisis we confront."

"By collecting these resumes, I hope to dramatize the shameful condition of unemployment and compel action to do something about it," he said Friday on the House floor. "I hope to remind my colleagues every day that we work for those Americans who have been left behind, but who want to work."

This is just a publicity stunt. He is looking to exploit the unemployed to gain personal political points for himself. There shouldn't be a representative in office, today, that isn’t aware of the unemployment crisis, and they see the face of the unemployed, everytime that they go home and hear from their constituents. They shouldn’t need to be urged to do something about it. It’s their job. We hired them to put people back to work and fix the economy, and they should go into office with the desire, already intact, to resolve the issue.

Also, why is Rep. Jackson, just now, feeling compelled, himself, to do something about unemployment? Why wasn’t he worried about the unemployed, when they were debating ObamaCare and Cap-and-Trade, two non-urgent and job-killing bills, for the majority of the past two years?


  1. Who cares why he is doing this, let's just hope it works. It seems the Black Caucus is the only group who is speaking out for the unemployed. If you would like to see our strategies and counter-attacks come to From the Trenches World Report.

  2. The Black Caucus are the slave drivers to the Democrat left. The party of slavery remains. For entitlements, the black community has been bribed into monolithic obedience in the voting booths.

    Be it wealth, income, education, health, incarceration rate, single parents, teen parents, poverty rates, welfare rates or crime, there is not one indicator out there to suggest that blacks are not the worse off minority in the country. Hispanics and Asians have them beat as do whites in all of those areas.

    The Democrats have inslaved the blacks. They have made them dependent upon their government milk for survival. They have corrupted the culture to the point that achieving well academically means 'selling out'.

    It was the liberal newspaper in LA that asked "Is Obama black enough?" whatever the hell that even means. You have all been duped. Your modern leaders (including the Sharptons and Jacksons of the world) have betrayed you.