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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Meet Fox's Newest Show Host: Bill Clinton / Alt. Headline: Job Opportunity at Fox News, Liberal Hosts Wanted

No, not really. Well, maybe:

Former President Bill Clinton may be looking for a new resume line: his own talk show. Clinton’s mastery of long-winded oration led to consideration of a show on FOX News.

In an interview with Esquire magazine, FOX News president Roger Ailes said that he met with Clinton to discuss the proposal.

“If he would stick with current affairs and stick with the clock, he’d be one of the great talk-show people in the world” said Ailes.

“I went up to Harlem, I met with him for an hour, an hour and a half” said Ailes. Clinton was ultimately asked to do a FOX News special, not host own show. He has yet to decide whether to commit to a special.

The only problem that Ailes said that he might see, if Clinton took him up on his offer, he could talk on and on about issues that no one cares about, like ethanol, and that he might have trouble keeping within the type of time constraints that you have to, when doing a TV show.

This is so true. Just think about his last White House press conference last month. Clinton spent over a hour, after Obama left to go to a Christmas party just answering questions and talking to the press. He'd have to learn, when to stop talking. That's something that Bill hasn't quite mastered, yet.

On a side note, Ailes hit back at his critics that say Fox only hires conservative hosts. He said that his aversion to hiring liberal hosts has been greatly exaggerated:

Ailes also said in the interview that he has no objection to hiring left-leaning personalities for the channel. “Tell me who you want to see on the left and I’ll hire them” said Ailes, “Now that probably surprises you and won’t get into the story, but it’s true.”

Hey, Roger, I believe that there might be a certain former ESPN Sportscenter host and MSNBC host that might be looking for a job.

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