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Saturday, January 22, 2011

VA Gov. McDonnell: Obama's Wrong, We Need More Spending Cuts Not More Spending

Virginia Governor McDonnell went on Fox, today, and responded to reports that Obama will call for more stimulus spending during his State of the Union Address on Tuesday. Not surprisingly he disagrees with President Obama:

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell delivered last year's GOP response to the State of the Union. McDonnell spoke to Fox News on Saturday about what he hopes the president will focus on as he prepares to address the nation Tuesday.

McDonnell recommends Obama make spending cuts a priority. Citing budget cuts made in his own state, the governor said reduced spending in Virginia has "had a huge impact." While acknowledging that finding places to cut funding isn't easy and that "tough choices" are involved, the changes made under McDonnell have resulted in a huge surplus for the state.

Chief among the governor's priorities for Virginia has been job creation. McDonnell said Virginia is currently ranked "third in the country" when it comes to new jobs in large part "because of the time and investment" that's been put into "job creating programs."

Amid reports that President Obama's Tuesday address will call for increased spending in infrastructure and education, McDonnell predicts the president's message won't be "well received" by Americans. Instead, the governor suggests President Obama focus on fiscal cuts and "reduction of the national debt." McDonnell thinks these themes, combined with an emphasis on incentives for growing small business will help the president strike the right tone.

If polls are any indication, McDonnell is absolutely right. The American people won’t like hearing the president say that he wants to spend more. It’ll kill whatever momentum that he had gained in winning back the independents and will make him look, again, like a far-left ideologue. His approval numbers would probably fall a bit, too.


I was trying to get the video embedded, but I can't find an embeddable one, right now, since Fox disables the ability to embed their video. So, here's the link to see it, for now. I'll keep looking for one that can be embedded and embed it, if I can.

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