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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Do Democrats Even Understand Keynes' Theory of Stimulus?

Here's a follow-up to the porkulus bill's ineffectiveness:

Nearly three months after President Obama approved a $787 billion economic stimulus package, intended to create or save jobs, the federal government has paid out less than 6 percent of the money, largely in the form of social service payments to states.

Although administration officials say the program is right on schedule, they have actually spent relatively little so far.

Dare I ask again, what was the rush Pelosi, Reid, and Obama?

By definition this isn't even stimulus. It's just added waste.

Does this make 0-for-3 for Obama's economic policies? Chrysler has already went into Ch. 11 and GM is close behind. Now, the results are coming in from Obama and the Democrats' porkulus bill. It's a big "F". There has been no signs of economic improvement as a result of the Democrats' spending orgy.

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