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Thursday, May 28, 2009

MSNBC's O'Donnell: No White Men Were Good Enough For Supreme Court

From the same network that have guests that call tea party activists "teabagging racist rednecks" and don't challenge them, Norah O'Donnell claims that there weren't any qualified white men to replace Souter.

During the 3:00PM EST hour on MSNBC on Wednesday, political analyst Pat Buchanan wondered why President Obama’s short list for the Supreme Court only included women, in response, anchor Norah O’Donnell declared: "Did it ever occur to you, Pat, that maybe there weren’t any white men who were qualified?"

Buchanan replied: "No, it did not occur to me...You mean there are no white males qualified? That is – that would be an act of bigotry to make a statement like that." O’Donnell defended her remark by claiming past discrimination against women in the nominating process: "In the past there have been no women that have been qualified." Buchanan argued: "They certainly have been qualified in the past. I don’t doubt there are. But probably half of the great lawyers and judges are white males in this country. And to rule them out, why? Because of their sex and because of their race is wrong, I think. At least it’s affirmative action."

O’Donnell rejected Buchanan’s claim: "I don’t think you have proof that they did that." Buchanan asked: "How did he come down to four women?" O’Donnell simply repeated White House talking points: "He said that they were the best and that met the views that he had, the particular criteria." Buchanan summed up that "criteria": "One of them, it’s got to be a woman, and the other it got down to be, ‘hey, it’s an Hispanic,’ that’s affirmative action."

Last time I checked, Souter was a white man. So a white man isn't capable of replacing another white man. That doesn't make sense.

While I agree with Buchannan that affirmative action is in play here, we all knew it was coming. So, I don't know why Buchannan acted surprised. He was probably just making a point, but it's falling on deaf ears over at MSNBC and their overly liberal audience.

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