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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Maher Shocker: Criticizes Liberals, Calls Them "Supersensitive"

What's the weather report in hell? Has a cold front run through there over the weekend? I find myself agreeing with Bill Maher.

Speaking with Howard Kurtz about how (Maher) always gets booed when he tells an Obama joke, Maher said "we get a very supersensitive liberal audience" on HBO's "Real Time," and "it's always that limousine liberal crowd that just has their finger on the politically correct button...That's what bugs me the most about liberals is that they just -- they object before they even know what they're objecting to."

Despite Maher also claiming that "especially on campuses in the last 10 or 15 years, the repression of speech has come more from the left," one got the feeling the "Real Time" host wasn't being completely honest about his distaste for liberals when he later complained about Democrats: "We don't really have a party that represents me or any progressives."

All comedians have had a hard time with overly sensitive limousine liberals that have their finger constantly on the PC button. Comedians have been afraid to criticize The One because the PC crowd will label them as racist if they criticize the first black president.

There has begun PC backlash across the country. This will only inflame that backlash. People have grown tired of constantly walking on eggshells afraid to hurt anyone's feelings. We have a freedom of speech, petition, and dissent in this country. We shouldn't be hesitate to use our freedoms because of a few who might not like what we say.

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