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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Nebraska Follows Kansas, 13 Other States Requiring Ultrasounds Before Performing Abortions

Nebraska follows Kansas and 13 other states in making women get ultrasounds before they get abortions:

Lawmakers passed the bill (LB675) Friday afternoon on a 40-5 vote, and Gov. Dave Heineman signed it a short time later.

Pro life supporters believe that this is step in the right direction to save many babies lives:

Mary Spaulding Balch with the National Right to Life Committee said Nebraska's proposed law is worded more strongly than that of most other states with similar measures. She says Nebraska's law requires the ultrasound image to be displayed instead of just requiring that the woman be asked if she wants to see the image, as the other states do.

"We think it's an important distinction, because we feel that when women are in a crisis -- such as trying to decide whether or not they will have an abortion or not have the abortion -- they're probably just thinking that they don't want to be pregnant, and they're not really asking too many questions," she said.

Therefore, if the woman is making a rash decision to get an abortion because she's scared, she might change her mind if they make her take more time to think it more thoroughly, and seeing her baby on the ultrasound would pull at her maternal, instinctual heartstrings. Then, she might change her mind and keep the baby.

Of course, Planned Parenthood didn't like the bill. They said that it was an intrusion of doctor/patient relationship:

"This is basically telling doctors what information and what care is best for their patients," (Planned Parenthood spokesman) Kierstead said.

However, I wonder why liberals claim to want to "limit the number" of abortions and give women all of the choices available to them. Whenever they get a chance to do something that might limit women getting abortions by giving women all of the facts, they balk and cry foul. I thought they were for giving women options and all the information about their health. I guess not. It seems to me that Planned Parenthood cares more about women getting abortions and paying them for the procedure.

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