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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Does CBS Still Have a Editor With Ethics? CBS Chief Legal Analyst Calls Cheney a "D**k"

CBS is keeping it classy as always:

It appears CBS News's Chief Legal Analyst doesn't agree with his colleague Bob Schieffer that former Vice President Dick Cheney is winning the national security debate with Barack Obama.

Quite the contrary, Andrew Cohen thinks Cheney is still living in "the world of September 11, 2001, a world where hijacked planes are screaming toward their targets, chaos reigns, and anything goes."

As a result, Cohen wondered in a Friday posting at his blog "Court Watch" if Cheney is, "as many people say, just a d**k".

Did you wash your mouth out with soap before you kissed your mom last? This is just inexcusable for someone in the mainstream media being blatantly disrespectful to the former Vice President. Of course, after they defended Dan Rather for knowingly falsifying memos about Bush's military record, their occupational integrity left them years ago.

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