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Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Jersey: GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Leads Incumbent Democrat By 13, Obama Policies Tested

New Jersey Gubernatorial race is off to quick start for the Republican nominee:

New Jersey Governor: Christie (R) 51% Corzine (D) 38%

Fresh from his primary victory over Steve Lonegan, Republican Chris Christie enjoys a double-digit lead over Democrat Jon Corzine in the New Jersey Governor's race.

The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in the state shows Christie with 51% of the vote while Corzine is supported by 38%. Last month, before the primary, it was Christie with 47% of the vote and Corzine with 38%. The slight increase in support for Christie may reflect a temporary bounce from his primary victory.

The poll goes on to point out that while the wildly unpopular Democratic governor is down by double digits, New Jersey is traditionally solid blue. It will still be an uphill climb for Christie.

However, the ballooning state budget deficits, high unemployment, and bad economy could diminish the urge for Jersians to remain loyal to the Democratic party.

This is another test of voter reaction and approval of Obama and the Democrats' policies and effectiveness. While the first test, the NY-20 House election, was technically a failure for the Republicans, it was very close, and the Democratic now-Congressman Murphy beat the GOP candidate by only about 400 votes. Basically, it was 50.2% to 49.8%.

The New York election was an important test, but it was a win in a very liberal state albeit a more conservative district than most in the state. However, it was really to early to gage Obama's policies or the public's thoughts on them. Murphy mostly rode Obama's wave of momentum and honeymoon popularity.

Now, more time has passed, and people have become increasingly wary of the government's spendapalooza and bailing out of every business that comes to them. The upcoming elections will show how well the voters are receiving the One, especially if the Republicans win in this normally Democratic stronghold.

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