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Saturday, June 13, 2009

House Democrats Cut War Funding, Ban on Release of Touture Photos While Earmarking Over $100B For Global Bailouts

House Democrats are "playing politics" with our soldiers lives. Why do they hate our military?

As HUMAN EVENTS has been reporting all week, House Democrats have been playing politics with the War Supplemental Bill that funds the military efforts in both Afghanistan and Iraq.  The House and Senate versions of the bill moved into conference and House Democrats have been making substantial changes to the bill behind closed doors. These changes have outraged the Senate and lost support from the entire Republican caucus that is usually a sure vote for passing troop funding.

Democrats reduced the troop funding in the bill by $5 billion and added in $108 billion in unrestricted funds to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for a global bailout package.  They also stripped out the Graham-Lieberman amendment language that would bar the release of terrorist detainee photos being sought after by the ACLU.

They want to take money from our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and give over 20 times that amount to international companies to bail them out. Is the survival of foreign companies more important than the survival of our men and women in uniform?

They want to release the "torture" photos that will endanger our troops by enflaming Muslims in the region with picutres of their fellow Muslims being "tortured" by our troops.

This shamelessly shows their contempt our troops. The chance this will pass the Senate is remote, but it is despicable that the House Democrats even thought that this is a good idea.

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