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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hide Your Wallets: IRS Looks to Tax Work Phone Usage Deemed As Personal

Here comes more tax hikes and not just for the top 5% of Americans:

The IRS is weighing a proposal to deem one-quarter of employees' use of work cellphones as personal use and therefore subject to tax as a fringe benefit.

The proposal is one of several options the IRS put forward this week on the tax treatment of employer-provided cellphones. Current law already requires that the value of those cellphone services be included in a worker's gross income, unless the employee keeps detailed records showing that the cellphone is used for work only.

I'm not sure of the exact number of people that have cell phones through their work, but I would imagine that it would be at the very least hundreds of thousands and probably more than likely millions of working Americans nationwide.

When will the media call out Obama for raising taxes on the lower 95%? He already raised taxes on cigarettes. Talks have begun to raise taxes on "non-healthy" foods, aka fat tax, and on all energy carbon emissions.Where will they stop? Democrats seem to be content to keep raising taxes on anything and anyone in order to pay for their extravagant entitlement programs.

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