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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

With Bankruptcy Knocking At Its Door California Might Close Welfare Programs Permanently

Things have become so bad for California financially that the liberally dominated state is actually considering of one of its costly entitlement programs:

Could California become the first state in the nation to do away with welfare?

That doomsday scenario is on the table as lawmakers wrestle with a staggering $24.3 billion budget deficit.

County welfare directors are "in shock" at the very idea of getting rid of CalWORKs, which has been widely viewed as one of the most successful social programs in the state's history, said Bruce Wagstaff, director of the Department of Human Assistance in Sacramento.

This is shocking to believe that the "cradle to grave" Democrats would actually go for this. Perhaps, they have come to their senses and realized how bad their situation actually is.

Now, I don't believe that legitimate "hand up" programs should be totally disregarded, but the loop holes that allow people who can work take advantage of the programs. Not all but many use the welfare programs to take care of them without having to work on it. In my time in various "hand up" programs there were some that were just there for the free room and board. They were not into bettering their situations for good.

I know there are some out there that do use the programs as a stepping stone off of the streets as I did. I don't believe that they should be robbed of the chance to get help to live a better life.

Hopefully, they can find a way to keep programs that help people that are truly looking for a way off of the streets and welfare while closing the loopholes and programs that keep people dependent on the government for their housing and food without offering them a way out.

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