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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

San Francisco Passes Law Forcing Everyone to Recycle Or Be Fined

The heavily Democratic city of San Francisco has intruded in the lives of every one of their citizens once again:

The Board of Supervisors has approved legislation requiring all residents and businesses to recycle and compost or face hefty fines.

By its own estimation, the city already has the highest recycling rate in the country at 72 percent. But Supervisor Bevan Dufty said it can do more.

The new law approved Tuesday will force landlords and commercial building owners to sign up for recycling and composting services or face fines of up to $500, he said.

While I believe that recycling should be done by everyone, I don't believe that it should be forced on us by the goverment. It is not their place to be our parents.

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  1. Sombodies gotta do it stands now, if it causes the slightest inconvienience, people just dont do it. So maybe we all need "parents" to kick a little ass and make sure the right thing gets done. Those of us who do it will be fine...and those of us who dont will be fined...seems like a no-brainer. Just do it and stop whining.

    My question is...where will the fine money go? Seems like it should be spent on the issue...but it probably wont...sad to say