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Saturday, April 25, 2009

New York #20 Heartbreak: Murphy Wins House Seat As Tedisco Concedes Race

There is heartbreaking news from the 20th district of New York:

Democrat Scott Murphy is the new representative of a Capital Region congressional district.

On Friday afternoon, Republican opponent James Tedisco conceded the race. Murphy has at least a 401-vote edge over Tedisco, according to the most recent state tallies.

The two competed in the 20th congressional district (of New York). The sprawling district covers part or all of 10 counties—including six in the Capital Region.

Republican Tedisco had a very good showing in this New York district. The district is slightly more conservative than most in the very liberal state of New York, but it has been leaning Democratic for the past few years. So, this election results weren't altogether surprising, but it was disappointing.

It was the first real test for Obama's policies and administration in the voting booth. Obama and the Democrats passed, but not by much. Murphy should've had a easier time winning considering Obama's still high, but slowly dropping approval ratings. He should've coasted into the House on the president's coattails. The closeness of this race isn't a good sign for the Democrats.

Even though it was a loss, I can see some hope for the GOP to make a comeback in a year to seriously challenge the Democrats in 2010.

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