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Friday, June 12, 2009

Green Bay: Around 1,000 Protestors Greet Obama, Protest His Healthcare Plan

An estimated 1,000 people came out to a Green Bay high school where Obama was stumping for his healthcare plan to express their opinion his plan:

Organizers said about 1,000 people lined the east side of Packerland Drive Thursday morning to protest President Obama's stop in Green Bay. Stretching four blocks long, the protest parked itself along the motorcade route between Austin Straubel Airport and Green Bay Southwest High School.

Most of the protestors were part of a grassroots movement that calls itself "The Party of Know." Jerry Bader, a conservative talk show host on WTAG 1360, helped organize the rally. Most protestors said their purpose Thursday was to let President Obama know just exactly how they feel about a government backed health care system.

Here's a quote from one of the protesters that sums up conservatives' argument against universal healthcare:

"It doesn't work," Dawn Papapetru said. Papapetru said she feels an obligation to speak out. She now lives in Green Bay but was born and raised in Canada, a country that provides universal health care for its citizens.

"I know what the free health system is all about. It's wrong. Taxes will go up, gas will go up and the lines get longer in hospitals," Papapetru said.

Imagine the lines in the hospital, if every hypochondriac could go to the hospital for every little thing without having to worry having to pay for every single visit.

Also, as one of the protesters sign points out: "'Free' healthcare isn't free. Everyone pays." And pay we will through all kinds of new and increased taxes, like S-CHIP, fat tax, and etc.

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