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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Canada: Private Health Care Is Making a Comeback As People Flee Canadians' "Public Option"

President Obama and Democrats are inching towards a single-payer healthcare system much like the one in Canada. However, many of the Canadians currently under the system seem to be looking for a way out:

Private for-profit clinics are a booming business in Canada -- a country often touted as a successful example of a universal health system.

Facing long waits and substandard care, private clinics are proving that Canadians are willing to pay for treatment.

"Any wait time was an enormous frustration for me and also pain. I just couldn't live my life the way I wanted to," says Canadian patient Christine Crossman, who was told she could wait up to a year for an MRI after injuring her hip during an exercise class. Warned she would have to wait for the scan, and then wait even longer for surgery, Crossman opted for a private clinic.

Long lines and wait times have long since been a failing of the Canadian system. Any wait time for medical treatment would be an enourmous frustration for anyone sick, dying, and in great pain. That is exactly what would happen if such a system was put in place in this country.

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