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Saturday, June 6, 2009

AOL Fired Liberal Writer Over His Report on Playboy's Attack on Conservative Women

Newsbusters has been reporting that liberal blogger Tommy Christopher recently wrote a post criticizing Playboy for Guy Cimbalo's top ten list of conservative women that with "whom he would like to commit vulgar and violent sexual acts against. AOL seems to be ducking and dodging questions involving Tommy Christopher's release:

AOL News has been bending over backwards lately to make sure that the do not cover the controversy surrounding writer Guy Cimbalo's vile attack on conservative women. AOL News has taken some drastic steps to censor any mention, let alone criticism, of Playboy's screed. They have deleted posts about the article, banned contributors from mentioning it, and even fired one of their liberal writers over it.

The fact that banning reporters from, well, reporting is so contrary to the purpose of a news organization it really is puzzling. It seems to be in direct contrast to their commitment to "traditional journalistic values".

The evidence is staking up quite high that AOL News fired liberal writer Tommy Christopher today due to his repeated attempts to get coverage of the Playboy attack list on AOL's Politics Daily. Christopher had first attempted to post this criticism of Playboy's sick list the day it was published on their website. However, he was surprised to find that shortly after putting his article on Politics Daily it was deleted by an editor.

Why would AOL be so desperate to protect Playboy? Time Warner, AOL's parent comany, has a business relationship with Playboy.

Whatever happened to journalistic integrity? Has AOL sold their journalistic sold to Ted Turner and Hugh Hefner?

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  1. .
    TW/AOL is spineless. Neo-Liberalism is a mental disorder. Conservative women are HOTter! But it's not hard to imagine the justified 'Liberal' outrage if say, Hustler Magazine ran a disgusting parody where Rush, Hannity, Beck, Savage and Ann Coulter gang-rape and tickle-torture Katie Couric, the PIAPS, and then Nancy Pelosi.

    Imagine. The outrage would last for months in the MSM. There would be calls for firings and boycotts. NOW would be apoplectic. Poor little outraged, hypocritical Libs.


    absurd thought -
    God of the Universe says
    joke about raping women

    if they are conservative
    EVIL freedom lovers...

    absurd thought -
    God of the Universe says
    sex is the height of evil

    so is photography
    but not pornography

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    God of the Universe says
    always rape women...

    who are conservative
    they're just gender traitors