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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another Political Opponent of Obama's New Best Friend Flees to Peru Seeking Political Asylum

Obama's new best friend is up to his old political tricks. Apparently, dissension is "un-Venezuelan":

A Venezuelan opposition leader who says he is a victim of political persecution by President Hugo Chavez's government requested political asylum in Peru on Tuesday, one of his lawyers said.

Manuel Rosales, a leading Chavez opponent, has been charged with corruption in Venezuela but says his trial would not be fair.

Apparently this isn't the first time that an opponent of Chavez receive mysterious "corruption" charges.

Peru granted asylum last year to another Chavez opponent, former Yaracuy state Gov. Eduardo Lapi, who was jailed on corruption charges but later escaped from prison and fled Venezuela saying he wouldn't receive a fair trial.

This is one of the counties that Obama said were represented by fairly elected "democratic" governments? Then again, considering what Chavez is doing is the Chicago way maybe he really thinks that it's fair. After all, it worked for him when he ran for senator in 04.

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